You can still get the goose bumps at 40!

There is a popular cliché that “life begins at 40.” This cliché might not be totally wrong depending on how you look at it. Once you are above the age of 40, you are likely to become less intrigued by silly and whimsy things, you begin to seek for more concrete and serious commitments in most of your relationships especially your love life.

And once you’re past this age, you can no longer rely on common match-making websites. There are now websites in South Africa for people over the age of 40 that will interest you. These websites help you find and build a love life with the kind of partner that suits you.

Accessing some of these websites that can cater for your desires are free and easy. Several of them will ask you to pay or upgrade to the premium package after allowing you in via the basic plan. They all include features that will satisfy your needs as a mature adult looking for a date.

Best match-making online platforms in South Africa

1. Singles Over 40 Dating
A lot of people acclaim that this the most popular and most preferred dating site for people over 40 in SA. This is probably because they have been around for more than 10 years and offer protection from scammers; provide confidentiality, simplicity and international support. You can sign up to this website for free and even get a free trial to play around with before paying.

2. Older Dating Online
With a free membership on this site, you can add pictures for free, free search, and have access to members in your area. You can even be referred to other sites if you don’t like this, and to add more spice to this, the website offers international services to countries like the US and the UK.

3. Dating Over 40
As the name suggests, you are most likely to feel at home when you sign up at Dating over 40, if you are looking for a partner above 40 years of age. You can also narrow down your search features to things you look out for in your would be partners like age, location, preferences etc.
One of the most interesting features about this site is the ability to say hello by simply ‘winking’ at them. It saves you the stress of trying to make a brilliant first impression.

4. 40 plus Dating
40 Plus Dating South Africa is perfect for those people who want to narrow down their search considerably to a small area. It also gives you an option to choose from a range of ages of mature singles. Also, you get to find your mate among a wide range of adults since there are men and women having different lifestyles. You don’t have to pay before accessing this site and registering, but you can’t use and enjoy their services without paying.

5. Mature Dating
This website provides good privacy policies and you can sign up for free. You can also zoom in to search for partners in your proximity. In case you are looking for dating platforms in Pretoria, this platform gives you the option of narrowing your search to singles in Pretoria.
Unlike most websites and dating platforms, Mature dating enforces age restriction to ensure that only people who are of age access and use the platform. And what this means is that you only get to meet serious people who are like minded.

6. Mature Love
This dating site offers safety, privacy, user-friendliness, tips and guides, and other features. One of its highlights is the ability to chat via video and chat rooms before working up the nerve to meet up physically.

These dating sites are legit, however, be warned that there are different kinds of people using these platforms like you and so you should beware of scammers who troll the streets of these sites.

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