You can get your matric certificate really fast, if you will follow the following steps!

A matric certificate is the National Senior Certificate that acts as the principal school leaving certificate in South Africa. The certificate is so important that most tertiary institutions and even organizations use it as a requirement for their minimum entry.

This document is necessary because it will broaden your chances of employability. Even though it is quite possible to build a career without this certificate, it is necessary in every way.

In a country like South Africa where the National Senior Certificate (NSC) is a vital document, not having one is dangerous and risky for you. The NSC is demanded and necessary when you seek to be employed locally.

As a result of the NSC’s ability to increase chances of employability, a lot of people are now clamoring to get theirs even those who are out of high school. For those who are out of high school, the fair access policy recently introduced is there to ensure that everyone has access to the document.

In case you need to acquire the NSC urgently, you can join the Intec College for distant education in vocational diplomas and technical studies. Obtaining your matric certificate UNISA is another popular option most people adopt.

Perhaps you failed the matric exam when you attempted it, do not allow that to dampen your spirit, let nothing stop you at reaching your peak, not even failure. There are other alternatives you can consider.

Firstly, you can apply for a remark within the stipulated deadline set by the body if you are sure you could have scored more than the marks you were awarded. Also, you can reach out to your department for supplementary exams if you failed in less than three subjects to correct your scores. And finally, getting transfer to another high school or enrolling in another is one of the ways to get your NSC really quick.

If you feel daunted by taking the NSC exams over and over, you can opt for courses equivalent to the matric certificate or just concentrate on building and developing your career. There are various NSC correspondence courses that can help you push and propel your career forward. A couple of them are private and public TVET colleges who are ready to help you get started with your dreams.

Furthermore, it is possible that you have qualified for the NSC at one time or the other but have lost your certificate or your certificate has become damaged; you don’t have to brood too much because you can get your certificate back.

If you are a first time applicant, or one of those who have lost their certificates; you can apply for a new one at the Provincial Education Department (PED) or the Department of Basic Education (DBE). Also, you can initiate the NSC replacement online by filling the replacement application form on the website and submitting it to any of the bodies above.

Again, there is always the opportunity to request for a statement of result if the situation warrants it. And if your certificate is damaged, you should return the damaged copy to the bodies mentioned above to get a new one.

For adults who wish to replace their matric certificate, it is required that they pay a small amount of money to the PED/DBE bodies either by cash, cheque or postal order. You will also be required to visit any of the offices of the bodies nearest to you with an affidavit of your damaged certificate and national id card.

For those who wish to apply for replacement online, you can download the document and post it alongside the necessary documents. Those outside the country can also obtain their certificate through someone who will be willing to fill the forms and pay the necessary fees.

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