Why Rain mobile should be your preferred network

This present world has evolved to become a global village, where communication and interaction with others have taken the top place in our charts.

We daily seek news ways to ensure our communication with others is maintained and that might include using the internet for on-net interactions and subscribing to a network that is more reliable than others in terms of speed, quality and efficiency.

The Rain mobile is working hard at building a high speed 4G data-only service provider, the telecommunications company is even working harder at giving it’s client the best of benefits.

High speed data services have been rolled out to subscribers at affordable prices, as the just concluded maintenance and upgrade seeks to increase reliability, network coverage and uptime.

There are diverse reasons why the Rain mobile will soon become the leader of mobiles in the SA.

Firstly, their large network capacity which is available at low prices. In June 2018, the company rolled out cheap mobile data plans which are specifically targeted at people who use the internet heavily. The packages are cheap and can be accessed for as low as R50 for 1GB. This makes it affordable for everyone. Mobile users also have access to 19hours of unlimited data daily and monthly at the cost of R250 and new customers stand a chance to get 15-90 days of free internet for buying Rain mobile devices or SIM cards.

Also, the network works relatively fast because it exclusively supports the 4G network. The company only offers LTE or 4G technology which has proven to be highly superior to its preceding networks. Unlike other companies which dedicate substantial resources in maintaining both 2G and 3G networks, this internet service provider only focuses on its 4G networks, making it the best alternative for most South African internet consumers.

Again, populated urban areas have one more reason to enjoy 2021 with this telecommunications company deploying billions on high-speed internet infrastructures. The chances are high that most people reading this article reside in urban setups and are frequent internet consumers. With most South Africans now living in urban centers, the network will not only help cut down on your internet budget but also reclaim your freedom without worries of running out of data.

Furthermore, it’s unbeatable speed at a highly affordable price gives it an edge over other network providers. With Rain mobile, you are liable to internet speeds of about 20Mbps. These speeds hit a hitch at peak time with minimal inconveniences in your streaming experience. On off-peak hours, users can enjoy speeds of up to 30Mbps and beyond. Users can stream up to 1080p videos without buffering. The network has up to date registered an extended base of loyal users.

Also, it is a fact that the company does not have as many consumers as other established network providers. For this reason, users can freely enjoy the spare network capacity through high speeds. In the current standing, the company is not worried about congestion; hence, lead times are not an issue in its connectivity.

And finally, you should consider making Rain mobile your choice network because it is a fast-growing internet subscriber company that is promising its new customers and subscribers an array of offers. An example of this is the ongoing 15-day free data experience for all new customers to the network.

Different other promotional Rain data packages are also rolling out to help the company register a broader base of customers for its fast and cost-friendly services.

Another advantage of enrolling for its mobile services is that users get to manage their account subscriptions based on their needs flexibly. For customer care help, purchases, and inquiries, always contact the company online by clicking on “ask rain” or get in touch with the company via any of the following platforms: Phone: 081 610 1000, Email: [email protected], Media: [email protected] or you can download media kit.


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