What to know about Prepaid Electricity Meters South Africa


Prepaid Electricity Meters is one thing most people are happy to have as it has it has helped people to manage the consumption of electricity.

Prepaid electricity meters is simply a type of meter that has a customer interface unit that has a screen similar to that of a standard cellphone.

The customer interface unit allows South African consumers to manage and monitor their power usage.

However, Prepaid is very easy to use and one can say that there is transparency and honesty from companies that provide electrical power in the country.

Other countries in Africa and the entire world are now using the service to supply power to their citizens.

Here are some of the questions most people ask regarding the use of prepaid electricity meter:

1. How to get a prepaid electricity meter installed

The installation can be done by any licensed metering company in the country.

Once you approach, they will install the system. They will show you how to use it.

The electricity meter is housed inside an electricity meter box that is put at your residence or commercial building.

2. How to apply for one

Here are the steps to take if you want to register for Prepaid meter:

  • You have to fill out an application that is found online;
  • Submit the application with the required documents;
  • Visit for assessment from a metering organization for preparation of cost estimate;
  • Pay deposit towards your account;
  • The metering institution will then start the construction and installation of the prepaid electricity;
  • The customer now starts enjoying a home or company with total power and the ability to monitor their power consumption.

3. How to load prepaid electricity

It is very easy to load a prepaid electricity thanks to phone and social media.

It is as simple as recharging your phone.

The following steps show you how to load it:

  • You should ensure you have an Eskom meter card;
  • Purchase the voucher; Dial the voucher number into the customer interface unit;
  • You will see that the Customer User Interface is accredited; You have got the power.

4. How to load prepaid electricity when power is off

You will not be able to input the numbers in the meter box.

You will, therefore, have to wait until the power comes back.

You can also visit a nearest prepaid the nearest prepaid meter company here in South Africa.

5. Where can I buy prepaid electricity

There are many places in South Africa where you can get the service. They include: Eskom prepaid, Municipalities, Prepaid24, SPAR, Citiq, Caltex, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Shell, Engen.

6. Prepaid electricity meter installation cost

A new meter costs roughly R600 and installation should not exceed R1000 according to the installer in other municipalities.

The average homeowners will pay between $504 and $1,725 to replace or upgrade the electrical panel. A low average unit can run as little as $125 excluding labour, permits and other materials.

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