What to do if your DStv remote is not working

DStv is a direct home broadcast satellite service that offers more than 200 television, audio, and radio stations.

But while you can enjoy lots of channels on DStv, there are times when you may encounter situation when your DStv remote will not respond when needed the most.

First, the power in your batteries may have depleted, or you have incorrectly inserted them. Also, the transmission window or the upper edge of the remote control may be dirty.

If you are using an old remote control, the positive and negative terminals may have rusted. Luckily, you can fix some of these issues by yourself at home.

Always remember that a DStv remote control not responding does not render it useless but is recoverable with appropriate steps.

DStv remote troubleshooting

Depending on the model of your controller, it is crucial to run a basic troubleshooting test before concluding it is broken or at least laying your technical hands on it. For instance, it is unnecessary to conduct complex procedures only to discover a dead battery was the problem. DStv remote not working green light, below BACK, INFO, or both, when you press any button is one of the indicators of a dead battery requiring replacement. Note that batteries can usually last for approximately one year.

How do I know if the remote is broken?

DStv TV link eye not working is a straightforward indicator of a broken remote. When you press any button on the remote and the green light does not blink as described above, the remote may need new batteries or is broken. If the problem remains unresolved upon replacing the batteries, you should consider it broken or at least problematic. Note that controllers come with a 12-month warranty; a period when you can enjoy free repairs. You should, therefore, take the broken or faulty controller with the warranty or receipt to the nearby MultiChoice Service Centre or agent and have them look at it.

DStv Explora remote not working

Did you know that multiple DStv Exploras in your home is a recipe for disaster in remote functionalities? For this reason, be sure to set each of them to its distinct mode to avoid frequent command interference. In such cases, a signal sent by one remote can be picked by the wrong receiver.

How to connect DStv remote to decoder

Stranded with DStv remote not working on second TV? Always confirm that your remote is configured to listen to the intended mode to avoid any kind of interference. You can do this by selecting a preferred mode from TV, TV2 and TV3 as discussed below.

1. DStv remote control TV1 TV2 TV3

Learning how to change your DStv Explora remote from TV2 to TV1 and even TV3 is essential in dealing with a broken controller. Luckily, users can flexibly change their remotes to operate under TV1, TV2, or TV3 based on their immediate need.

2. How to set DStv remote to TV1, TV2 or TV3

  • Wondering how to set DStv remote to TV 1? Setting the remote back to its default in TV1 requires the user to press-hold the button for three consecutive seconds until a green light blinks on TV1.
  • If you observe a green coloured blink below the Back button, your controller is operating in TV2 mode. Setting your controller to work in TV2 mode is equally simple, and it involves pressing and holding the Back button for 3 seconds in a row. Such will have the green light blinks on TV2.
  • Setting your remote to TV3 entails pressings and holding the Back, and i buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

DStv remote troubleshooting colour codes

  • Mode 1 (TV1): Red
  • Mode 2 (TV2): Green
  • Mode 3 (TV3): Orange

DStv remote control TV1 TV2 are however commonly applicable in solving Explora remote not working issues without seeking expert help.

DStv A7 remote setup

The fact that DStv A7 remote is programmable makes it possible to switch different devices sequentially. It is also possible to easily control various audio and visual equipment with ease. DStv A7 remote programming may sometimes generate errors ending up in a broken controller. In such a situation, it is proper to reset DStv remote to its default to help clear the mess. Resetting your programming in A7 remote helps in clearing erroneous settings.

Reset DStv remote

How do I unlock my TV remote? You may want to reset your DStv remote for different reasons, including corrupted and locked settings. Let us go through the reset procedure and for a blueprint on how to unlock DStv remote.

  • Hold down both the ARC and Standby for about 3 seconds. During this step, the remote lights should change to amber.
  • Continue holding the ARC button as you release the Standby.
  • While you are still pressing the ARC button, dial 9499. During this step, you should observe three green blinks.
  • Now, release the ARC button to complete the reset process.

DStv TV link setup instructions

If your TV is plugged in and is not responding to your controller, carry out the following troubleshooting exercise to recover the connectivity.

  • Press the Menu button
  • Select Advanced Options Provided the PIN as 9949
  • On the menu, choose Equipment Setup
  • Select TV Link/Auxiliary in option 3
  • In this step, pick the On option Save the option you chose above
  • Press OK to finish saving

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