What is the difference between diploma and national diploma?

As a student who just graduated from high school and is seeking for the next phase, you should know the about all the options available for you. In the sense of what kind of academic level do you want to attain.

When you know these options, whatever you settle for will be dependent on the kinds of jobs you will take, how far you want to go on the academic ladder etc. there are different levels of education you can choose from as a student, they include: certificate level, diploma, national diploma, and graduate levels.

It is important you know this before applying to any school, as this will help to keep you on track.
Depending on your interest, capacity and need, and the cliché that says different strokes for different folks, you can pursue a career using any of the following most common qualifications.

They are: Certificates, Advanced Certificates, National Higher Certificates, Diplomas, National Professional Diplomas and Bachelor’s Degrees.

You can have a certificate in any of these qualifications studying any course.

This is the most basic level of higher education anyone can get. Once a person gets a certificate, they can then apply the skills learnt at their workplace and enhance their overall productivity. It is possible to pursue a certificate as a hobby or for purposes of self-enrichment. It may last 6 months to one year.

Higher certificate
A higher certificate is one that is vocational oriented. It is a certificate awarded after you must have been trained in a particular skill which can be work or industry related. They are meant to equip you with skills that will enhance your productivity at work. This certificate makes it easy for you to build a career and not only that, it also gives you the chance to continue with your education.
To obtain this certificate, you can apply for a diploma or advanced certificate. The program will mostly be accomplished in two years. For instance, if you took a higher certificate in education, you can then proceed to a diploma in the same area. The higher certificate vs diploma debate is therefore unfounded. The two are different and what a person opts for depends on a lot of factors.

Advanced certificate
This course affords you a comprehensive understanding of your field as it equips you with the necessary skills you need at work. Courses like this help students to grow in their specific fields and it also serves them with a foundation for their career. You can run this course as a full or part time program and it will take you between one to two years to complete it.

Diplomas offer career-oriented training with the aim of making students efficient workers in their chosen fields. It combines both specialized skills and comprehensive knowledge, which are important for any job. To convert Diploma to degree South Africa, you need to first complete the diploma course before proceeding to the degree. This way, you will have an easy transition from one level of higher education to the next.

A diploma helps you to acquire the most important skills needed in your career, and after completing this program, you can go ahead to obtain a Bachelor of Technology degree. (BTech). The Btech can be pursed in a similar field as well.

Bachelors degree
A Bachelor’s degree is a program that takes anything between three to five years to complete. The degree places you ahead of others in the market and poses your confidence and competence. It is one of the qualifications most people in SA have, and it has also remained one of the most useful documents in the job market today.

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