Vodacom Please Call Me code South Africa 2020

Are you aware of Vodacom Please Call Me services? It is a free SMS service that allows you send Please Call Me SMS to other users on the same network.

This service can be very handy and useful especially in emergency cases and if you are out of airtime.

People with low airtime tend to do more of flashing than actual calling with the hope that the receiver gets to call back. Sometime you may not have airtime in your phone and you really need to talk to someone.

But not to worry, Vodacom has provided a simple USSD code for their customers to save them some embarrassment.

Instead of flashing or begging for airtime to call. You can simply send them a message using Please Call Me shortcode with or without airtime.

Important Facts About Vodacom Please Call Me

  • Using this code is free of charge, you won’t be charged with any fee.
  • You can send a maximum of 10 Please call me SMS daily. That means you cannot send more than 70 SMS in a week.
  • This is a Vodacom to Vodacom service code, you cannot use it for other mobile networks.

Once the call back message goes through, you receive a notification from Vodacom as confirmation.

Vodacom Please Call Me Codes

To initiate ‘Please Call Me’,  you have to make use of the code *140* with the recipient’s number# the number is the mobile number for the person you want to contact. For example, *140#082123456#. By doing this, a Please Call Me SMS from your Vodacom line will be automatically sent to the recipient’s.

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