Vegetables that thrives in South Africa’s Winter

Best time season to go home gardening or farm is the Winter season. Winter vegetable farming covers the autumn harvest season and ends during the springs. Vegetables to look forward to range from Brussels Sprouts to Kales.

Green Onions

A special of the onions type christened ‘Scallions’ is most perfect. Scallions are hardy green onions variety which means that survive more on soil conditions rather than environmental conditions. It is most preferred to be planted during the springs and harvested during early summer


Same with Scallions, survival depends on spoil conditions. Chesnok Red Garlic, is delicious in taste and soft texture experience in food. It is to be planted in late Autumn or early Winter and mature over spring which later mature early summer.


Kelvedon wonder peas or Autumn Pea Meteor is the best type of peas to plant because of its nutrients, in vitamin c and starch. Peas requires a well drained and fertile farmland for effective growth. Planting of peas should start at the ending season of Autumn

Spring Onions

It has higher nutritional value compared to green and scallions but more highly concentrated onion flavor and It grows faster.

Perpetual Spinanch

This is more notable with its seasonal harvestation of its leaves. It’s a season a season type of harvest and most nurtured when the flowers are removed before turning it is seed. It is a very important source of Vitamin K in homely diets

Broad Beans

Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia is a high nutritional value plant which gives Vitamins ranging from K,B and strong Anti-Oxidants. Its takes four weeks to mature and is to be planted where the land is most fertile especially during the mid autumn and harvested mid spring


This crops needs adequate manure and moisture to adequately sustain. Though a every seasoned crop, its traits of adaptation makes its most suitable in both warm and cold season. The planting of Kale seedling is a 30-40 cm apart and the spacing depends on the farm size. Its germination takes 1 week to eight (8) days.

Cold winter prevents the kale leaves from losing water. As a result, kale leaves becomes tansy and crispy when cooked. It is most preferred kale seedling is directly planted rather than transplanted, the seedling is prone to frosty weather. There are different varieties of kale which includes curly-leaved kale, flat leaved kale but the best of all is ‘chou mouillier stem’. Kale is best planted ending of autumn and harvested mid-spring.


Thyme serves varieties of functions, ornamental, flavoring, medicinal, culinary benefits. There are varying types of thyme leaves; French and Lemon Thyme. Thyme needs a deep fertile soil and regular watering to survive.

Salad Leaves

This is a cut and come type of vegetable and it is most suitable in greenhouses. Some of the types are; lamb lettuce, winter purslane and oriental leave. One unique feature of salad is that you can determine its flavoring during harvest.

Green Pepper

Green pepper is best planted in the middle of winter. Its take one and half week to germinate due to the intake of water. Green peper requires a well- tilled farm with deeply mixed compost which can be substituted with manure. The spacing is 12-18 inches apart and a single pepper seed per hole. Cover the seed with 1-11/2 inch of soil.

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