Twist of fate: An unfolding plot of love and deception

Twist of fate is a popular zee world movie that follows the story of a Punjabi matriarch Sarla Arora, who runs a marriage hall and lives with the hope of seeing her two daughters, Pragya and Bulbul, happily married someday.

The soap opera is filled with episodes that are full of love and deception as the plot unfolds. It airs every day by 9pm.

Twist of Fate teasers April 2020

Wednesday 1/4/2020 (Episode 1)
Sarla wants the best for her daughters and wishes that the two, Pragya and Bulbul, can have contented lives. Pragya desires to have a family that is full of love and intimacy, whereas Bulbul’s fantasizes about meeting the hunky rockstar Abhi.

Thursday 2/4/2020 (Episode 2)
Suresh unrelentingly supports Pragya even when he receives pressure from Kabir’s wife to take the marriage hall from Sarla.

Friday 3/4/2020 (Episode 3)
Sarla is overwhelmed with sadness when she receives a marriage proposal for Bulbul. She feels terrible that her eldest daughter, Pragya, is yet to receive proposals from suitors.

Saturday 4/4/2020 (Episode 4)
Suresh’s mother suspects that Suresh may have feelings for Pragya and talks with Sarla about planning a wedding for the two. The entire family comes up with a plan to have Pragya and Suresh meet up.

Sunday 5/4/2020 (Episode 5)
While intoxicated, Purab makes a love confession to the wrong person. From the incident, Bulbul wrongfully judges Purab’s character and thinks of him as a ladies’ man.

Monday 6/4/2020 (Episode 6)
On the day Suresh was to be engaged; he thought he was the one getting engaged to Bulbul. What will be his reaction when he realizes the sudden turn of events?

Tuesday 7/4/2020 (Episode 7)
Suresh is a bind and does not know how he is supposed to reveal the truth. On the other hand, Pragya finds Suresh’s book, and she sees pictures of his true love inside.

Wednesday 8/4/2020 (Episode 8)
Suresh’s sister Rachna is a wreck after she receives the shocking results of her pregnancy tests. Pragya comes to her aid when she overhears her in a conversation.

Thursday 9/4/2020 (Episode 9)
The entire family gets to know about Rachna’s secret, and she tries to commit suicide. Suresh decides to disclose the matter to Rachna’s in-laws. However, Pragya manages to persuade him not to do it.

Friday 10/4/2020 (Episode 10)
Intending to seek what is just for his sister, Suresh goes over to Akash’s house. While there, Akash refutes every claim made against him.

Saturday 11/4/2020 (Episode 11)
Well, fate has something cooked up because Abhi and Pragya continue to run into each other despite their ill feelings towards one another.

Sunday 12/4/2020 (Episode 12)
The DNA results have come in, and they are not what Rachna’s family expected. What will happen now, and how will the matter be dealt with?

Monday 13/4/2020 (Episode 13)
Pragya is set out to disclose the identity of the father to Rachna’s child. Pragya gets to know Suresh’s true feelings after he professes his love for her. Is this the start of a blooming love story?

Tuesday 14/4/2020 (Episode 14)
Akash reveals a truth that has the family and the in-laws shocked. Abhi develops hatred towards Pragya after she discloses his real character to the media.

Wednesday 15/4/2020 (Episode 15)
Sarla gets assurance from Pragya that she would proceed with her wedding with Suresh. Love is blooming between Purab and Bulbul, and the two are gradually acknowledging each other’s feelings.

Thursday 16/4/2020 (Episode 16)
Suresh and Pragya’s wedding is met with a lot of difficulties. With Suresh’s mother in mind, Pragya changes her mind on proceeding with her marriage to reduce her worries.

Friday 17/4/2020 (Episode 17)
Purab is in a fix. Where will he begin as he plans on telling his best friend that he cannot marry his sister?

Saturday 18/4/2020 (Episode 18)
Aliya mistakenly concludes that Pragya is the one that has interfered with her relationship with Purab after she sees them together.

Sunday 19/4/2020 (Episode 19)
Sweety goes ahead to divulge on Suresh’s feelings for Bulbul to her. The wedding is called off after Pragya overhears a conversation between Bulbul and Suresh.

Monday 20/4/2020 (Episode 20)
Aliya confides in Abhi and tells him that Pragya is having an affair with Purab. She proposes to him that Abhi should get married to the woman who is hindering her relationship with Purab.

Tuesday 21/4/2020 (Episode 21)
Weary suspense as the teaser for this episode is not available.

Wednesday 22/4/2020 (Episode 22)
Abhi consents to Aliya’s marriage idea with the woman he believes Purab is in love with. A wedding proposal is sent, and Pragya realizes that it is from Abhi. Will there be a wedding or not?

Thursday 23/4/2020 (Episode 23)
Pragya is convinced by her mother to accept her suitor and proceed with the wedding. Aliya sends gifts to Pragya’s family and continues to show them love, but how long will the facade last?

Friday 24/4/2020 (Episode 24)
The wedding preparations are set, but Sarla has a nagging worry about whether everything will follow through as planned. The expected wedding day has come. What will this new beginning bring to the wedding couple?

Saturday 25/4/2020 (Episode 25)
The wedding proceeds as planned, and Pragya goes into her husband’s home hoping that her dreams will come true. Will she be ready for the storm that is about to hit her?

Sunday 26/4/2020 (Episode 26)
Abhi goes off to Tanu’s apartment, and Pragya finds him there. She is completely crushed when Abhi reveals to her how he truly feels about her.

Monday 27/4/2020 (Episode 27)
Pragya realizes that there is a misconception about who Purab’s true love is.

Tuesday 28/4/2020 (Episode 28)
Purab is shocked to see that Abhi’s wife is Pragya when she is introduced to him.

Wednesday 29/4/2020 (Episode 29)
Bulbul gets to know that Pragya is unhappy, unlike what she tells her family after she overhears Abhi’s threat to ruin Pragya’s life.

Thursday 30/4/2020 (Episode 30)
To avoid trouble, Bulbul urges Purab to marry Aliya. However, will she agree to what she demands?

Favorite Twist of Fate characters
Pragya is a teacher who has a heart for the family. For her, family comes first, and she undyingly supports them through thick and thin. She is traditional and dreams of finding the love of her life, settling with him, and leading a blissful marriage with a happy family.
Abhi is a rockstar with a cult-like following. He has every girl fantasizing about meeting him, including Pragya’s little sister. He adores and idolises his grandmother, remembering where they came from, and for him, her word is the law. He gets into a marriage, which is a ploy for his sister’s sake but later on the tables turn.

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