Top luxury and beautiful homes in South Africa

Real estate is an extravagance everyone wants to bask in, we would all like to luxuriate in the splendor of a magnificent mansion decked with the best of furniture and exotic architectural designs.

There are houses that are beautiful in terms of everything, i.e when we talk of the landscape, designs, facilities, and structures. You have probably seen a lot of them in magazines, home decoration shows, movies, real estate expos, pictures and in reality.

South Africa boasts some of the world’s most extravagant homes and beautiful mansions, these houses exudes their beauty not only in style but also in their diversity. It is home to fancy and competitive designs in the architectural industry.

And recently, it is competing with other real estate firms in the international market because innovative architectural designs are fast springing up in the country, and is becoming trendy to spot beautiful houses here and there.

Top luxury homes in SA.
1. Ultimate open-plan living; OVD 919 House in Bantry Bay, Cape Town
This beautiful home is designed by the SAOTA firm. What the owners wanted to achieve was to create a fusion of the structure and the landscape in order to have a panoramic view of the sea and mountain in its neighborhood.
The building has all the living areas on its ground floor with baths and bedrooms upstairs. All the rooms in the house are expansive, and they provide enchanting views of the outside world. The house is decked in glass, which makes it more appealing, but it is carefully used so that the privacy of it occupants are preserved. A fold of the glass doors turns the lounge into a verandah which overlooks the oceans and the mountains. It is undoubtedly one of the best eye catching double storey houses in South Africa.

2. Galilai Rotating House: Somerset West
This home provides an invigorating and pleasant outdoor view. The building came about as a result of the architect’s desire to bridge the gap between the outdoor and the indoor view. The architect made a combination of changing landscapes and views.
The views on the upper floor constantly changes at 360 degree as an angle of rotation in either direction. The slow revolution of this floor constantly alters window views, and it sits on a powerful German-made motor and is accessible through a walkway.
The access to the upper and ground floors is independent, each with bathrooms, living spaces, bedrooms, and kitchens. The two levels are connected with a walkway or a rift. The innovative design on arched doorways and rounded windows is universally appealing. Galilai extreme home is one of its kind in the region, offering sufficient earthquake proof to its inhabitants.

3. Kloof House: Johannesburg

Kloof Road House is located in Bedfordview Johannesburg. Every room in the house is connected to the outside so that you can have a view of the north anywhere in the home. The living room, dining room, kitchen, and porch double volume spaces make for seamless integration of wide-open spaces. Glass doors separate the living room and lanai, they can be folded away to enjoy a continuous space with the concrete floors joining the two spaces giving the living room an outdoor feel. The house has heated floors so no worries about the concrete getting too cold at night. The heating system uses water that is warmed using solar panels on the roof. The four bedrooms in the house are all en-suite with two children’s bedrooms, a guest room, and the master suite. There is a pajama room and a den in the house as well for family entertainment, and they overlook the open plan kitchen and living room. Outside these rooms is the balcony above the porch with a view of Sandton in the distance. Outside, next to the swimming pool is a fire pit, barbecue space, and a bar. This house is perfect for entertaining guests outside and inside.

4. House Jones: The meeting of environmental and aesthetic needs
This house is built with an environmental inspiration, and it is categorically beautiful because the architects creatively intended to achieve a visually striking structure. The house uses solar panels and PVC; it also has a reliable system that recycles and conserves water besides using and saving renewable clean energy used for heating. The solar energy is carefully extracted and integrated into the establishment of this building whose fundamental goal is to conserve the environment. House Jones intelligently uses natural light for heating and uses the same for lighting. The plant covered home is encased in a metal frame that provides sufficient space for its inhabitants. Every part of the house has a self-contained micro-climate which enhances free flow between the exterior and the interior spaces. The plants surrounding this mega-structure not only regulate temperature but also improve the quality of air circulating in the house.

5. The Hemp House: High on eco-awareness
The structure is largely conventional and has beautiful visual forms. The house is remarkable for its low carbon impression. The roof is printed with sour figs, one of the hardest plants in the succulent species with rainwater runoff properties and abilities of releasing lots of oxygen.

6. The glass house in the trees
This building is very spacious and is integrated well with nature. The architect was keen to incorporate huge metal beams and glass exterior wall that blends perfectly with the green surrounding. Unlike other nice houses in South Africa, the home is surrounded by indigenous green trees and a valley in the middle of which a stream flows peacefully. Inhabitants also enjoy a panoramic view of Table Mountain. The three-floor story is one of its kind in the region. The house architect mainly purposed to achieve harmony between the home and nature upon which it stands. The house gets much of its good looks from wooden floors, stainless steel railing, use of blinds, and minimalist décor

7. The Westcliff Pavilion
The house gets its name from Johannesburg Westcliff suburb, a collaborative master design done by Clare Eisenstein of GASS and Georg van Gass. The skillful and extensive steel use is allegedly the mother of the term “Pavilion”.
Sprung wooden floors and skillfully laid stone walls are characteristic for this beautiful home. The interior and exterior walls are built using locally available stones that match with the surrounding. Despite vast assemblage of materials used in developing this home, the house appears as though floating on the ground. Sunken steel rods make the house look as though it is weightless. Surprisingly, the large stone on its outside seems to be suspended at first sight. Vibrant trees are surrounding and camouflaging the house which shares an open design. The home is lovely, and it offers free movement to its inhabitants, light and most important, air.

8. Glass and concrete contemporary luxury
This house is a tactfully designed, firmly grounded glass home at Johannesburg. The house, offers an extensive garden view from every room of the house. The building features stainless steel, heated bond, timber-clad lift tower, glass staircase, and outdoor pool as some of it’s main features. Also, the interior of the house offers both formal and informal lounge areas, and frameless glass doors are forming part of the external wall. There is also an indoor pool, a gym, and the family room. The basement parking can accommodate a dozen cars. There is also a private art gallery, and Jerusalem imported clad with stone.

9. A contemporary, sleek tree house
The house is specifically built to create a fusion between elegance and green environment. The steel structured shape looks like that of a tree. The house magnificently stands on stilts and comprises of three cylindrical towers standing three floors high. The home also has untreated timber and large glass areas. Wood and steel were chosen because they blend well with age to the immediate surroundings.
It is almost hard to agree to the fact that this beautiful one bedroom sits in the suburbs of Cape Town. The interior design of the house is effective and well supported with large steel rings. These rings accurately combine with ceilings and timber flooring joined with brass. Every part and section of this extreme home is well lit, airy, and forms a part of the surrounding as seen through the glassy windows.

10. Nieu Bethesda’s “Owl House”
This was the home of Helen Martin, an eccentric local artist. The house is not very much captivating on its outside as with its inside. The building was named by the locals who observed that Helen was gathering owls to watch over her house. The extraordinary house now serves as a museum and has literally incorporated both color and texture to the life of the late Martin.
The artistic cement owls occupy the backyard and are painted with colored eyes. The creator of these birds used cement, wires, colored glass bottles, and broken glass among other materials to achieve the purpose. The artistic yard also features personal mythology surrounding the sun as the source of our everyday magic

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