Top 10 tattoo artist & parlours in South Africa

Tattoos are in high demand of late, with people from all walks of life wanting to be marked by those needles.

However, we all know the importance of getting your ink done by a top-class professional who will give you a long lasting work of art

Thinking of getting some new ink? Whether it’s your first time or your hundred-and-first, it’s important to find a trusted artist.

They’re diverse in style, so there’s something for everyone. We’ve taken care of finding the right artists. All you need to do is book your session.

With that being said, here’s a list of top 10 shops to walk in case you need an African tattoo in South Africa:

1. Cape Electric Tattoo

At Cape electric tattoo you will find four regular artists who specialize in a broad range of tattoos including japanese, black & grey, fine-line, western traditional, All artists have a diary full of appointments, but the general worksheet is structured to accommodate consultations and walk-ins. For a fun-filled and relaxed tattooing experience, CET is the place to be.

2. Sleight of Hand Tattoos

Meet Leigh Soulink, the wandering tattoo artist from Pretoria. He is the founder of Sleight of Hand Tattoos and is well-known for his attention to detail and the delivery of tattoos in black and grey. He gives all his artworks a rather intricate finish, and the sheer display of his talent makes him one of the best tattoo artists in South Africa.

3. Wildfire Tattoos 

Manuela Gray owns wildfire tattoos and does not disappoint anyone when it comes to inking a Cape Town tattoo. Operating in the busy Long Street, Manuela Gray is internationally recognized because she has tattooed big names including Queen’s Roger Taylor.

4. Baked Ink 

Warren Peterson is a celebrated tattooist with a unique gift that places him in a rather exclusive category. This is mainly because he did not just settle for the talent but went ahead to take a degree in fine arts and graffiti. He is better known for his Yakuza, mural-like style that conveys the message through mythological imagery.

5. Zen Ink 

Zen Ink is one of the best tattoo parlours, and it is located in Boksburg. A lady owns it by the name Nina Rademeyer, a Chinese native. Unlike most talented tattooists, Nina added a professional angle to her skills by studying human anatomy to get it right.

6. Handstyle 7th Street Tattoos and Company

Operating from the Melville hub, the quad handles tattooing in almost all its forms. This includes the new school, traditional, grey, black, and full color. However, their tattoos have a distinctively masculine element that may leave out some people.

7. Artrageous Tattoos

Jo’burg does not have many vegan tattoo parlours, and Artrageous Tattoos happens to be one of the few that are available to ink this unique SA tattoo. The team is led by the very talented Paige Becket, a tattooist with a gift for drawing lively images. She works alongside other talents like Lileen van den Burg, Le-Tanja Moller, and Kyle Beyers. Each of them plays a unique role along the production line.

8. Rising Dragon

Located in Fourways, Rising Dragon offers a range of tattoo styles, and you will definitely love their bias for realism. The Owner and lead tattooist Angelo Pillay inks out a fantastic grey and black realism that captures images of real-life celebrities.

9. Fallen Heroes 

You can find the Fallen Heroes Studio at Parkhurst. The seven artists working here have mastered the art like the back of their hand and hence render exceptional services. These guys had ventured into art long before embracing ink, and this background made them sharp enough to actualize any idea within the client’s wishes.

10. Ethel Laka JHB

Ethel Laka spent about nine years hopping from one studio to the next as she picked up more skills to perfect her art. She finally opened her own shop in the cool Jo’burg Maboneng, and it has been a good beginning. She has a solid reputation for her skillful work in portraiture, flora, and fauna.

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