Top 10 private schools in Johannesburg

The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you. Making sure your child has a quality education is the only priceless gift you can ever give to them.

Taking them to well-reviewed centres of learning that values education as well as the other social aspects of the child is key. It is better to invest in kids education as it influences their general outcome.

Johannesburg is one of the South African cities with the best institutions that you could take your kids to. There are numerous private schools within this province but only few stand out to be the best.

This article is going to help you with a list of the ten best private schools in Johannesburg. Check them out below:

1. St John’s College

St John’s College is one of the oldest institutions that South Africa has ever had. The institution is primarily a boys school that stands among the best private Schools in South Africa. The centre of learning takes students through the normal South African educational curriculum. Besides that, it has the college section that offers A-level education for both girls and boys. Besides academics, the centre of learning also takes part in co-curricular activities like water polo activities. It is also famous for golf and rugby.

2. St David’s Marist Inanda

St David’s Marist Inanda is a Catholic-based institution that boasts of a students population of more than 1000. To ensure that the centre of learning can comfortably be able to accommodate its students. It has massive classrooms and a huge library that are well equipped. This way, it can meet the academic requirements of the students. The institution is guarded by the Catholic ethos, hence the morals of the student are greatly influenced.

3. Charterhouse 

Charterhouse is one of the oldest centres of learning in the country. It started in 1976 and as of date has three campuses that offer different levels of education. The institution has a good reputation for co-curricular activities that are very beneficial to the kid’s growth. Some of the activities that pupils can engage in include cricket, hockey, softball, gardening projects, recycling, and owl rehabilitation.

4. Brescia House School

Brescia House School is one of the best institutions that has a good reputation when it comes to producing the best behaved and all round girls. When it comes to academics, the institution has an accommodating student to teacher ratio, hence you are assured about the teachers discovering the strengths of the students. This is also an important aspect when it comes to establishing the special abilities in the student.

5. Roedean School

Roedean School is one of the oldest church-based institutions. What started as a sister school currently boasts of accommodating more than eight hundred students. It is one of the centres of learning that believe in building a student’s co-curricular abilities as part of education. For that reason, it has well-equipped art facilities. It also takes part in water polo activities which have made the institution famous.

6. St Peter’s Girls School

St Peter’s Girls School is one of the institutions that is part of the list of best private schools in Johannesburg. The centre of learning takes students through grade 0 to 7. The attention that the institution has put forward towards its students has made it stand out among the best private schools in South Africa. In 2012, it was recognized for having the happiest students.

7. The Mustard Seed Christian school

The Mustard Seed Christian school is one of the best private schools in Johannesburg south. Having been in existence for more than fifty years, the centre of learning aims at ensuring that it helps its children both academically and in other aspects. The institution aims at moulding children so that they can attain their best potential.

8. Star college

If you were looking for options on private high schools in Johannesburg, you should consider checking out Star College. It is one of the English speaking institutions that has the best reviews. It boasts of having a team of well-trained teachers with guarantees a high standard of education.

9. St. Martin’s School

St. Martin’s school is one of the best schools in Gauteng. Even though it is not a church-based institution, it incorporates Christian standards in its curriculum to ensure that it brings up morally upright students. In the list of private schools in Gauteng, St Martin’s School is the option to go for.

10. Redhill School 

Redhill School is another old institution that is not church-based. The institution has two learning campuses; the pre-preparatory campus and the high school. It is one of the institutions that boast of being among the best performing centres of learning in Johannesburg. It has set an admirable record in producing the best results with a clean record of pass for the past thirty years. With such a good record, you do not have to worry about your child’s performance.

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