Top 10 nightclubs in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is believed to be home to some of the most prestigious clubs in the country.

The hype that these joints radiate have attracted people from the furthest points of the country to come and witness the fun that they are bound to bring about.

If you’re a party rocker and love to have fun, you might just want to crosscheck some of the best nightclubs in Johannesburg so that the next time you happen to visit the city, you will have the best of experience.

From glitzy nightclubs, British-style pubs, cocktail bars and rooftop terraces, Jozi has it all. Here are a few places to check out when you are looking for your nightlife experience.

1. Truth

Truth because tops the list among the best venues to party in. The one thing that makes Truth stand out is the space in the dancefloors that will have you dancing your heart out. The other thing that makes it a plus is the quality of music that it plays. It is so fulfilling that you might not notice the crack of dawn nor how much of a dancer you are. Truth is located along Old Pretoria Road in Midrand.

2. Randlords

This is another venue that gives a different kind of vibe. It is situated 22 floors above the ground and provides the best view of the city. It is made of glass walls that give another mood. Imagine the hype of sipping on your favourite cocktail while looking at the city’s beautiful lights at night, how awesome is that. You can visit them at the 22nd floor South Point Towers, 41 de Korte Street, Braamfontein.

3. Kong

For the love of good music, Kong should be among the best venues to check out. One thing that draws people from the different parts of the country to the location is the Urban music that is played on Fridays and the electro-dance music that is played on Saturdays. It is the only location that locals will always recommend when it comes to partying. Kong is located along Cedar Road and Willow road in Fourways.

4. Hush

If you after opulence, Hush is the only place that will never disappoint you. It is one of the most loved locations because of the DJs that play there. Hush is situated along 160 Jan Smuts Avenue in Johannesburg.

5. The Manhattan Club

If you want to try your tapping capabilities, you ought to take the leap of faith and try out The Manhattan club, as you might end up dropping by the joint daily. Its eclectic music will make you add the venue in the list of things to do in Johannesburg this weekend. The Manhattan Club is located along 19 Wessels road in Rivonia.

6. Harem

Forget about the Nigerian clubs in Johannesburg because Harem is a location of its kind. It is one of the venues where you will always bump into Johannesburg’s sophisticates. Harem boasts of meeting international standards with the better part of the space allocated to the VIP. It is found along 160 Jan Smuts Avenue, Corner 7th Ave & Design District.

7. Madison Avenue Rivonia

For the sake of safety, Madison Avenue Rivonia is one of the few places that are the safest in Johannesburg. The music that the location plays is bound to attract you, especially if you are a fan of house music.

8. E.S.P Night Club 

If you wish to meet international DJs, especially house and trance DJs, this is the perfect location to go to. It is one of the oldest joints in the country that have made South Africans listen to music from the rest of the world. You could try out E.S.P Night Club at 84 Oxford Street in Ferndale.

9. Good Luck Bar – Live Music

If you are in pursuit of fun, good music, good food, and a couple of bottles, this is the location to go to. It is a place that will make you appreciate how good local art is. Good Luck Bar is situated along 1 Fox street in Johannesburg.

10. Ace and Pearl

If you are the kind that loves wines, you might want to have a taste of this place because that is what it is all about. The minimalist interior design of the location makes you want to focus on the drinks that the venue serves. Ace and Pearl is located in Albans Square, Randburg.

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