Top 10 free classified sites in South Africa

In South Africa, there are numbers of free classified ad sites that allow you push a brand without breaking the bank.

With the aid of technology, marketing has not only become easy but relatively cheap for business owner and service providers to market their products to broad audiences.

In the past, TV and print ads were the primary way to advertise product. But today there are numbers of free advertising sites in South Africa that are effective and affordable.

The secret to getting the best results is understanding web analytics; and in the case of free advertising sites in South Africa for businesses, on-site and off-site data matter.

On-site data include the number of visitors, average time spent by each user, visits per page, bounce rate, events, number of pages visited, and conversations.

On the other hand, off-site metrics mainly look at possible opportunities and audiences. Below are the leading free advertising platforms in South Africa based on on-site data:

1. Ads Africa

Ads Africa is among the top free advertising sites South Africa whose traffic, mainly (45.50%), comes from searches. The website is the 527th in SA with daily pageviews of 13.00. A user spends about 12:10 minutes daily on the site, and the bounce rate is 13.90%.

2. Locanto

Locanto is a popular free online advertising South Africa platform that generates up to 8:43 pageviews per user each day. Also, the time spent on the site by a user is 9:25 minutes daily while the bounce rate is 25.50%. The most recent ranking by Alexa shows that Locanto is the 546th website by traffic in the country.

3. Public Ads

Public Ads is sixth among the free advertising sites South Africa and currently ranks 3,141st website by traffic. On average, a user spends 4:38 minutes on the website and the daily pageviews for each user is 4.30. The rate of single sessions per user rate is 41.30%. Public Ads also runs a page on Facebook to help business owners/providers market their goods to wide audiences.

4. Howzit

Howzit South Africa has one of the most colourful and easy to use homepages among all free classified ads South Africa sites. Currently, the website is number 5,036 locally, with daily pageviews per user of 2.40 and a bounce rate of 59.70%. Averagely, a user spends 2:44 minutes daily on Howzit.

5. Booc

Booc South Africa allows users to list their ads for free in a simplified manner. However, the site charges extra for those looking to optimise their ads. The prices range from R5.00 to R 99.00.

The site gets an average of 4.00 daily pageviews per user and has a bounce rate of 43.80%. The average daily time spent on Booc by a user is 3:59 minutes. Traffic-wise, the site is number 16,573 in the nation.

6. Afribaba

Afribaba, the ninth-best site offers free classifieds South Africa ads for cars, pets, services, and household goods among others. According to Alexa, Afribaba is the 25,881st website in SA. The average daily pageviews per visitor are 2.70 and the daily time spent on the site in 3:46 minutes. On the other hand, the bounce rate is 39.50%.

7. Gumtree is the 13th website in SA by traffic. Gumtree provides free online classifieds that include live listings. Statistics show that 39.80% of the people who visit the site come from search, i.e, 39.8% of the traffic is from search. Furthermore, over the last three months, a user spends about 8:35 minutes and view 7.86 pages per visit on the website. Gumtree’s bounce rate (single site sessions) is 28.80%.

Gumtree’s homepage is user-friendly and allows you to post free classified ads in South Africa easily.

8. Junk Mail South Africa

Junk Mail is the 52nd website in SA by traffic. On average, visitors spend 5:53 minutes on the site per visit and the daily page views are 4.59. The bounce rate stands at 43.40%.

9. Olx

OLX is the third best among the free advertising for small business in South Africa, and it is the 89th website by traffic in the country. The average time spent on the site is 3:25 minutes and the views per visit are 2.04. 39.60% of OLX visitors come from search while the bounce rate is 71.40%.

10. Class Ads

Class Ads allows you to post free ads South Africa in under a minute. Currently, the site ranks 34308 in the country, with daily pageviews of 2.40 and a bounce rate of 57.80%. On average a viewer can spend 2:46 minutes daily on the site.

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