Top 10 facts you didn’t know about Kuli Roberts’s

Kuli Roberts is a South African fashion icon and beauty enthusiast. She is also a multi-talented media personality, TV presenter, and journalist who has made her mark in the world of TV presenting.

She has worked in different hosting capacities across several stations. She has also scored a few acting gigs to her credit.

Born in 1982, this admirable personality has been through a lot in life, especially concerning relationships as she is currently divorced.

However, she did not let the divorce dim her light as she is thriving in her career and life even more. Aside that, here are some top facts you should know about Kuli Roberts:

1. As of 2019, Kuli Roberts’s age is 36 as she will be turning a year older on December 16.

2. Kuli Roberts is currently not married as she got divorced many years ago. She is an affectionate mother and is always smothering them with love through compliments, motivation, and gifts.

3. Kuli Roberts grew up being identified as Nomakula Roberts. While Kuli, whose full name is Nomakula which means Queen of Indians.

4. Kuli Roberts is a famous fashion and beauty icon in South Africa. She is also known for being a great journalist as she is a TV presenter and host. She is a co-host at a show known as ‘What Not To Wear’ that is aired on SABC2 television, as well as a host of a breakfast show on Kaya FM. Born in 1982.

5. Her dad was an assist dean at UCT when Kuli was a student.

6. Kuli, for instance, met a boyfriend and flew to Germany without telling her parents in the 1990s.

7. Kuli shocked her parents by dating white boys instead of black boys during the apartheid days. She also amazed her parents by marrying without either their knowledge or their permission.

8. Kuli described her relationship and subsequent marriage to Beyers Roberts. She mentioned how they got married during their lunch break and kept this a secret from her parents.

9. Her life philosophy with others, which she divides in five points: 1. Visualise success, 2. Always rise above criticism, 3. Surround yourself with winners, 4. Think positive thoughts and 5. Believe in yourself.

10. Roberts says her singledom doesn’t stem from the fact she’s been hurt by a man; she just hasn’t been interested enough in someone to want to live with them.

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