Top 10 best Xhosa traditional attire for men

If you are looking to check out the latest fashion trends. With modernity, a lot of variation of trends came out, and to some extent, the washing down of African culture started including clothing. Xhosa traditional attire is unique and different from what we are ordinarily used to. These outfits stand out whether they are worn for an occasion or a special event, just as they do when worn as a casual outfit. Xhosa men revere these attires as they are a mark of their cultural identity and belonging.

1. Skirt and scarf:

2. Magnificent orange:

3. Simple and chic:

4. Smart casual:

5. Proudly traditional:

6. Fully traditional:

7. Xhosa shorts:

8. Traditional wedding outfit:

9. White with a touch of black:

10. Dull and bright color blends:

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