Tips on how to start a travel agency in South Africa

Have you ever had the idea of starting a travel agency in South Africa? Then worry less, as we’ve hot tips on how you should go about it.

The advantage of starting a travel agency is that you can do it at the comfort of your him. Most tourists have easier access to travel agencies that are based online. However, for a more local target market, you can set up an office.

In South Africa, tourism contributed ZAR 102 billion to the country’s GDP in 2012, and that number has risen to 2.9% in 2016, and it keeps growing.

You need to know the following before starting a travel agency in South Africa:

  • Find an opportunity in the tourism sector that isn’t well exploited or go with your passion.
  • Get a business model, and you will need to include some key details such as the initial business capital, financial projections, goals, and objectives of the business. It is also essential to determine potential problems you may face and how to overcome them.
    In South Africa, to start a business, you are required to register the type of business, the name, the trademarks, and other patents. This is done by the CIPC (Companies Intellectual Property Commission) before the operation of the company. This will put you in the government database as a service provider and get you a travel agency license.
  • Find various partners
  • Create a functional and professional website
  • Identify a target market
  • Ensure you have excellent customer relations

South African government offers support to anyone in tourism, through the following bodies:

  • Southern Africa Tourism Services Association
  • Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
  • Tourism Grading Council of South Africa

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