Things to know about Skolopad gloomy days

A notable personality in the society with a song titled ‘Skolopad Umzimba Wakho song’ which makes woman feel comfortable in their own skin is who we refer to as Skolopad.

Skolopad is a professional nurse having had a medical study Ladysmith Nursing college where she trained coupled with being a dancer and singer with a genre called Kwaito, a South Africa rich cultural songs.

Skolopad is also notable for wearing revealing clothes where she confess she is most comfortable in due to her sexiness.

Having had a daughter who she cares for and goes out with, then the unbecoming happened on a road trip which she had an encounter with some law officers who tried to arrest her on some offences but the code of conduct of placing her under arrest made a start of her gloomy day.

It was reported by SAPS media liaison Official, Sergent Mmako Morphiring while trying to bring her to law over her way of treatment of her daughter before the law officials, law officer tried taking over the steering wheels after instructing her to drive to the nearest station while she basically was in control and in motion, which led on to unconscious distraction that led to the death of a sixty one (61) year old man who is a father, brother, uncle to many returning home after a long way to work.

Though, the conduct caused a fatality it rather cause occupiers of her car to sustained various forms of injury, she was later taken into hospitalized care while the SAPs investigates.

The rate of her recovery was tremendous which she acclaimed to be from the goodwill of her fans, but this rather brought disgust from the nephew of the slayed victim, Nelson Ntele.

His demand for justice was borne for the wife and many children left behind by his older nephew. Although, clamor for justice fills the air, justice is under reported.

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