The steps to follow in order to register for CIDB

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) is a body in SA that was established by Act 38 of 2000 of the constitution. The mandate of the board is to ensure enterprise sustainability and growth throughout SA.

There is no way someone who is working on a construction project will not likely encounter CIDB at some point.

The mandate of the board is to ensure enterprise sustainability and growth throughout SA. For this reason, you may need CIDB registration for certain construction works.

Meaning of CIDB registration

Registering with the industry means that a project or contractor has to be acknowledged with the national Register of Projects and Register of Contractors that is maintained by the CIDB.

However, the requirement differs for both the private and public as after applying, one is given a CIDB certificate. .

According to the, it takes about 21 working days for one to complete the registration.

CIBD Registration

The CIBD registration process is straightforward.

1. You choose a grade you want and fill the necessary CIDB application form or the CIDB registration form.

2. You can go for grade 1 or choose grades 2 through 9.

3. In case you have problems choosing, the website has a great CIDB grading calculator to help you.

4. Pay the relevant CIDB registration fee for your certificate to be processed.

What is a CIDB grading?

The grading helps to determine the maximum value a contractor can comfortably fulfill.

A higher grading number means an increased limit to the tender value.

A grade of nine means the contractor does not have a limit.

CIDB registration is an important aspect of construction work in South Africa. Aside from it being there for your benefit, it is mandatory that you register.

Both registers provide streamlined access to important information that the government needs to ensure construction standards.


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