The River 3 teasers for June 2020 is beyond exciting

Have you been looking for fascinating shows to watch after a busy day? If that is the case, consider checking out The Rivers. You might get hooked to the drama that the show brings.

Unlike most soap operas, The Rivers is a cocktail of drama, suspense, betrayal, thrill and some bit of action.

Will Zolani, Lindiwe, and Kedibone conquer the consequences that will follow as a result of their actions? How will Kedibone respond to her love struggles?

These, among other questions, will be answered in The River 3 Teasers. Stay tuned in on 1Magic from Monday to Friday at 20:00 for more.

What will happen in The River 3 Teasers for June 2020?

Below is everything you need to expect in The River 3 Teasers June 2020:

Episodes 81 – Monday, 1st June 2020: Family Matters

Once again, Zolani has made his mind known as she makes a very stiff decision. She is not ready to relent, no matter the circumstances ahead of him. However, the distressed Dimpo has visitors who are concerned about his current situation.

Episode 82 – Tuesday, 2nd June 2020: Skinning The Cat

Retaliation is loading as Emma plans to bring down the Dlamini-Dikana empire. Will they rescue the kingdom from sinking? Once more, Dimpo is opening a can containing worms.

Episode 83 – Wednesday, 3rd June 2020: Succession Plan

The grudge between Lindiwe and Emma is escalating. Things are getting worse, and someone will have to suffer the most between the two rebels. Cobra, on the other hand, is determined to teach someone a lesson of their life. Who will it be?

Episode 84 – Thursday, 4th June 2020: Goes Down Smooth

Is Emma finally ready to make a significant decision for the sake of her life? She is not prepared to lose this life-time opportunity. Cobra might not accomplish his plans because detective Tshabalala is willing to risk it all to stop him.

Episode 85 – Friday, 5th June 2020: You’ve Made Your Bed 

Unfortunately, Emma seems to have run out of ideas because of his plan for Lindwe rebounds. Is the relationship between Morapedi and Dempo the primary cause of her consequences?

Episode 86 – Monday, 8th June 2020: Retaliation

Lindiwe has just made a wrong move. Her vengeance has resulted in the loss of an innocent life. Could it be collateral damage or an accident?

Episode 87 – Tuesday, 9th June 2020: Goodbye

Dikana and his family are disheartened with the tragic news, and Dimpo cannot believe he has such a few friends. His friends have drastically become less now that he is faced with such a grave situation.

Episode 88 – Wednesday, 10th June 2020: Me First

Zolani is not happy with the people who made his life a mess. Dimpho is happy now that his chickens have come to roost.

Episode 89 – Thursday, 11th June 2020: The Orchestrator

Dimpho is a lonely man as he continues to lose more people around him. At last, the enemies of Lindwe can have a long-lasting solution to their never-ending squabbles.

Episode 90 – Friday, 12th June 2020: Paperweight Ninja

Lindiwe is coming to a significant realization regarding her bitter enemies. Her enemies are more robust than she had earlier anticipated. Dimpo’s life circumstances continue to worsen as he learns another painful lesson.

Episode 91 – Monday, 15th June 2020: A Galloping Death

Dimpho is not a happy person. Her actions continue to haunt her further. Later, Lindiwe manages to convince Zolani and Emma to join his camp. How did he pull such a critical move just in time for a deadly accident?

Episode 92 – Tuesday, 16th June 2020: Outsmart, Outplay, Outlast

Never has Kedibone experienced such a surprising encounter. The Dikanas, on the other hand, is having the worst holiday of their lives.

Episode 93 – Wednesday, 17th June 2020: Take It Back

The relationship between Lindiwe and Zolani is put to the test by Emma’s revelation. Will their relationship be restored, or is it another feud in the making? Another romantic relationship is on the making as Kedibone finds a new suitor.

Episode 94 – Thursday, 18th June 2020: Queens of Pain

Zolani is not afraid to betray his only mother figure. Kedibone seems troubled by the feelings triggered by her new suitor.

Episode 95 – Friday, 19th June 2020: Aunty’s Boy, Emma’s Boy

Will the date between Nsizwa and Kedibone lead to their breakup? Zolani is preparing to give women around her a rude shock.

Episode 96 – Monday, 22nd June 2020: Broken

Kedibone is not at ease as his past seems to haunt her, and Zolani is suffering the consequences of betraying his family.

Episode 97 – Tuesday, 23rd June 2020: Missing, Presumed Dead

The friendship between Andile and Beauty is getting more exciting. How will the two take the unexpected stranger who arrives home in the middle of the night?

Episode 98 – Wednesday, 24th June 2020: Back to Living Again

Love is in the air while a daughter is suffering a bitter rejection on the other end.

Episode 99 – Thursday, 25th June 2020: Let Me Do My Job

Refilwe is not at peace due to the disappearance of one of its own. Later, a parent is trying to reconnect with her child after a series of misunderstandings and pain.

Episode 100 – Friday, 26th June 2020: A Friend From The East

An escapee is following someone back home while a love affair is on the verge of collapsing. Will the stranger succeed with his mission?

Episode 101 – Monday, 29th June 2020: Everywhere But Vietnam

Consequences have choices, and this time a young lady has to endure the mistakes she made in the past. Kedibone is also having a rough time with his newly found love. She seems to have given up on him completely.

Episode 102 – Tuesday, 30th June 2020: A Wonderful Soul 

Further consequences continue to befall a lady after someone arrives at home. Kedibone is yet to come in terms with her past after a shocking revelation surfaces.


Lindiwe finds herself in trouble with Emma, who is also not happy with her. She is determined to damage her relationship with Zolani. Unfortunately, her retaliation plan is not the best as it cost an innocent life.


Kedibone continues to suffer because of the poor decision she made in her past. Her relationship with the new suitor does not push through because her past cannot allow it. She is also confused and not sure about what she feels.


Dimpho’s solitary life is worsening every day. Almost all of her friends have left her because of the consequences that are befalling her. Her relationship with Lindiwe is also put to the test by Emma. Overall, she is not a happy woman at all.

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