The River 1 teasers for June 2020 will thrill you!

The River is currently one of the most captivating South African shows. The spice and humour that the show depicts are unmatched.

Its quite a pity if you are missing out on such an enjoyable experience. You do not want to be the black sheep when people discuss how fascinating the show is.

If you find out that the person that you care about is cheating on you with one of your closest friends, what would you do? Will you be willing to fight for love, or will you admit the pain of losing the two people that you love?

This is the dilemma that some of The River 1 cast members are in. If you wish to find out their next move, The River 1 teasers have highlighted some snippets.

The River 1 teasers for June 2020

These are some of the scenes that you should expect in June 2020.

Moment of Truth

Zweli is a few steps away from achieving his goals. However, is he willing to go the extra mile to reach them? The Mokoena women witness something that leaves them in shock.

Broken Hearted

Mbali discovers something that could crush Andile, and Tumi packs up her belongings and storms out of the Dlamini mansion.

Episode 183/184 – Tuesday, 2nd of June 2020

Meet Cute

Something unexpected happens, and it confirms Paulina’s worst fears. Meanwhile, Andile does something to salvage the situation, and his efforts bear fruits.

I Hate You. I Love You

Something unpleasant is in Lindiwe’s kitchen, and Malefu finds it hard to come to terms with the loss of Cobra.

Episode 185/186 – Wednesday, 3rd of June 2020 

Andile Unleashed

Andile’s situation gets out of control, and he ends up frustrating the people who are around him. Paulina discovers that Lindani has been playing games on her.

Think Fast

Lindani has unrequited feelings for Tumi, and Andile has to figure out another idea when his unexpected guest fails to go away. Khabonina opens up about some of the intimate matters of marriage in public.

Episode 187/188 – Thursday, 4th of June 2020

Drama Kings

Lindani dares to make significant changes regarding his life, and more drama unfolds wherever Andile goes to. Panic Stations

Panic Stations

Lindani opens up to Tumi and Khabonina regarding his latest idea, and Andile’s promiscuous ways continue to affect Lindiwe. How will she get herself out of this situation?

Episode 189/190 – Friday, 5th of June 2020

The Intervention

Lindiwe comes up with a plan to deal with Andile’s character. Will it make the situation more complicated between them? A spiritual surprise awaits Tumi.


Lindiwe unexpectedly shows up and finds TJ and Andile making out. How will she react? On the other side, Zolani comes up with an idea on how to separate Lindani and Tumi.

Episode 191/192 – Monday, 8th of June 2020

Terms and Conditions

Zolani discourages Lindiwe about going on with her plan regarding Andile as she might end up hurting herself. Malefu is not impressed by the man that Tumi chooses.

The Letter Bomb

The Dikanas receive some worrying news from a messenger, and Beauty has something more to offer Andile although, Njabulo has also made his offer.

Episode 193/194 – Tuesday, 9th of June 2020

Caught Out There

Malefu gets a loophole to face the person who has been causing her family’s miseries, and Andile is unable to conceal his lies. He ends up with nowhere to hide.

Black Sheep

Malefu threatens to kill someone, and Andile tries everything within his capacity to try and win Njabulo back.

Episode 195/196 – Wednesday, 10th of June 2020

Circus Malome Sechaba causes the Mokoenas to brush shoulders with Lindiwe during the Magadi negotiation, and Andile makes up his mind about starting over again. Will he reconcile with his past?

Forbidden Fruit

Someone unexpectedly comes to Tumi’s rescue, and someone storms into Andile in a compromising situation.

Episode 199/200 – Friday, 12th of June 2020

Parental Advisory

Andile gets into more trouble when TJ attacks him on social media. How will he fix his tarnished reputation? Tumi realises that she has been trapped in the vision that Malefu and Lindiwe have regarding a wedding.

Our Perfect Wedding

Andile and Zweli come up with a trap for TJ, and Tumi adds Flora to the list of the people who will help in preparing her wedding. How will she put off Lindiwe and Malefu and their interests in taking part?

Episode 201/202 – Monday, 15th of June 2020 

Couture Darling

Tumi and Malefu brush shoulders; does it have anything to do with the wedding preparations? Zolani meets someone from her past who could change her situation.

Oh, Lindani

Lindani discovers something that leaves her in shock, and Tumi allocates Malefu one of the most significant roles in the wedding preparation.

Episode 203/204 – Tuesday, 16th of June 2020

Desperate Bid

Lindani does her best to try and fix the mess that the love of her life has created.

Just Walk Away

The unexpected happens when Lindani sneaks beyond the authorities to talk to Tumi.

Episode 205/206 – Wednesday, 17th of June 2020

I Do, Ngiyavuma

Two people open up about the pain of losing the people that they care about.


Walter goes back to Refilwe with an unexpected proposal, and Tumi seems to be ready for a difficult experience with the new Dikana Makoti.

Episode 207/208 – Thursday, 18th of June 2020 

I Am Boss

Zolani tries to defend Tumi; is he doing the right thing? Walter demands answers from Malefu.

The Man of the House

Tension reigns between Nomhle and Zolani, and it brings Zweli on the limelight. On the other side, Cobra finds out about the intentions that Walter has for Malefu, and he is filled with rage.

Episode 209/210 – Friday, 19th of June 2020

Side Dishes and In-Laws

Cobra questions Walter regarding Malefu, and the response that he receives leaves him in shock. The Dikanas are on the verge of making a fortune, although the fortune might cause division among them.

Going Once, Going Twice

Andile’s worries heighten as the auction falls apart, and Malefu continues to feel in a difficult position where she has to choose between Walter and her family.

Episode 211/212 – Monday, 22nd of June 2020

Grand Gestures

Zolani willingly makes a big sacrifice for Tumi, and everyone is shaken when an old foe shows up.

Big, Big Mistake

The Dikanas fail to trace someone, and they are worried that something bad could have happened to Zolani. Something happens, and Malefu is convinced that it is the sign that she has been waiting for.

Episode 213/214 – Tuesday, 23rd of June 2020


Malefu starts to second-guess the decisions that she made regarding Walter and Lindiwe, and her family begins to feel like their future has been ruined.


Flora hooks up with one of the people that she had a crush on in the past, and Lindiwe opts to go out and seek revenge.

Episode 215/216 – Wednesday, 24th of June 2020


Cobra seems to have a way of reducing the length of his jail sentence, and Walter finds himself in a dilemma as he has to choose between two people that he cares about.

The Flop

Zweli’s determination to find Goliath puts his life under jeopardy, and Malefu tries to guard her relationship with Flora even though she has feelings for Walter.

Episode 217/218 – Thursday, 25th of June 2020

Hot and Cold

Walter gets confused when Malefu starts changing moods, and the mission that Zweli and Cobra were on does not bear fruits.

Shadow of Death

Walter’s heartbreak stirs more problems for Paulina and Lindani, and Cobra ends up in a hot mess.

Episode 219/220 – Friday, 26th of June 2020

One Foot in the Grave

Malefu is shocked when Flora opens up about Walter, and Cobra finds himself on the verge of death.

Vetkoek, Anyone?

Malefu plays matchmaker, and Zweli and Cobra make a horrifying discovery.

Episode 221/222 – Monday, 29th of June 2020

The Breakthrough

An unexpected thing happens as Zweli and Cobra try to work together, and Flora and Walter get into an argument concerning his drinking.

Lead us, Flora

Flora comes bearing a couple of surprises for Walter, and Zweli is a few steps from capturing Goliath.

Episode 223/224 – Tuesday, 30th of June 2020

Train to Zimbabwe

Cobra has to stop being comfortable for him to save Zweli, and Walter asks Malefu to do something strange.

The Hero in Refilwe

The Dikanas applaud Zweli for her successful teamwork, and the Mokoenas rejoice, and they have no idea that misery has befallen them.


Andile immerses himself in his promiscuous lifestyle and ends up ruining his relationship with TJ. He equally hurts Lindiwe by his actions. TJ creates a mess for him on social media when she makes a post that tarnishes his reputation. How will people look at him?


Tumi allocates Malefu some of the critical roles in her wedding preparations. During the wedding preparations, she interacts with Flora, who has feelings for her man. Later, Flora opens to her about what has been happening. How will she deal with the love triangle?

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