The River 1 teasers for February 2020 will blow your mind!

Do you fancy soap operas? If that is the case, you ought to check out The River 1 on Mzansi Magic, as the show has a beautiful storyline told in the most seamless way.

Drama, confrontations, bitter-sweet love stories, and throwing one another under the bus are the best terms to describe this soapie.

The River is about the owner of Khanyisa Diamonds mine, Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana. She is so possessive and selfish that she is interested in doing whatever it will take to keep her family protected.

In desperation to secure her business, she gets people killed. Whether her marriage to Police Commissioner Zweli Dikana will save her in the day of reckoning or not is worth finding out from these teasers.

If you were not sure about following the show, you could check out The River 1 Teasers.

The River 1 Teasers February 2020

Episode 71 – Monday, 3rd of February 2020

Lindani makes some efforts to win the affection of Tumi as the old Lindiwes come together again, although in a detestable manner.

Episode 72 – Tuesday, 4th of February, 2020

Lindiwe becomes angry as her favourite person comes to her house without prior notice, while the heart of Zolani breaks after spotting Tumi in someone else’s arms.

Episode 73 – Wednesday, 5th of February, 2020

Cobra abducts an innocent man, while Nomonde carefully picks what to tell the Dikana family.

Episode 74 – Thursday, 6th of February, 2020

The future of Lindiwe risks being snatched away from her as Nomonde feels that her family has betrayed her. Zolani takes cheap shots for his most admired woman.

Episode 75 – Friday, 7th of February, 2020

The meeting that Lindiwe had with the Minister ends in an unfortunate way and the luck of Nomonde runs out. Then, Zolani surprises the Mokoena family.

Episode 76 – Monday, 10th of February, 2020

Tumi eventually discovers why Lindani broke up with her, and Zweli and Lindiwe refuse to see each other. Nomonde finds out that it is not only her who hates Lindiwe.

Episode 77 – Tuesday, 11th of February, 2020

Tumi comes up with the best way to reconcile with Lindani, and Lindiwe stops pursuing the charges against Nomonde. It is unknown to her that the girl is after her destruction.

Episode 78 – Wednesday, 12th of February, 2020

A lot of people are after the dissolution of the love between Lindani and Tumi, while Lindiwe is under pressure to take care of an uninvited guest.

Episode 79 – Thursday, 13th of February, 2020

Zolani feels disappointed upon seeing something that breaks his heart and the oldest enemy of Lindiwe returns.

Episode 80 – Friday, 14th of February, 2020

There is an explosion of tensions in the Mokoena house, while Lindiwe meets someone from her past again.

Episode 81 – Monday, 17th of February, 2020

Lindiwe is haunted by her past repeatedly in the form of Walter. Zolani ensures that Lindani stays longer in jail.

Episode 82 – Tuesday, 18th of February, 2020

Lindiwe discovers how to excommunicate Walter. Then, Tumi chooses not to depart from the station until she meets with Lindani.

Episode 83 – Wednesday, 19th of February, 2020

Nomonde uses Lindiwe’s methods to outdo her and Zolani devices a strategy to destroy Lindani.

Episode 84 – Thursday, 20th of February, 2020

As Walter sticks around, Lindiwe gets more paranoid. At the same time, Lindani is about to visit Tumi with a big surprise.

Episode 85 – Friday, 20th of February, 2020

Tumi’s thoughts are still filled with the experience of love she has had the previous night, while her day goes in a way she never expects. Lindiwe makes a discovery concerning a person in the house, that startles her.

Episode 86 – Monday, 24th of February, 2020

Detective Tshabalala gives Lindiwe a mysterious gift, and Tumi tries to start sexual activity with someone. At the same time, Lindiwe cleverly anticipates what Nomonde is up to.

Episode 87 – Tuesday, 25th of February, 2020

Lindani and his son meet. The plan of Walter and Nomonde blend as Zolani announces to Tumi how much he loves her, even though he does not know that he is in for a surprise.

Episode 88 – Wednesday, 26th of February, 2020

Zolani and Lindiwe intend to attack one of their enemies, while the plan of Tumi to connect with Lindani again goes wrong.

Episode 89 – Thursday, 27th of February, 2020

Lindani makes another proposal, while Walter and Nomonde prepare to catch Lindiwe.

Episode 90 – Friday, 28th of February, 2020

Tumi struggles to have Lindani around her, and Zweli gets a mysterious message filled with worry.

If you have gone through The River 1 Teasers for February 2020, make sure to catch the show from Mondays to Fridays at 19:00 on Mzansi Magic.

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