The juicy details in Chasing My Heart teasers for May 2020 will thrill you!

If you do not enjoy television shows, chances are you will reconsider your decision after binge-watching Chasing My Heart teasers.

The episodes have a lot of educative, informative, and entertaining stuff that will never leave you the same.

Additionally, the drama series is carefully scripted in a way that ensures all categories of people have something to learn after watching the teasers of Chasing My Heart.

The story entails Raghav and Naina’s love story. They fall in love in a foreign country, but fate separates them. They must fight for their love.

What should you expect on Chasing My Heart in May?

Here are the juicy parts of episodes that will be aired in May.

Why is Naina prompted to steal Raghav’s USB?

You do not want to miss these episodes.

Friday: 1st May 2020 (E 90-92)

Naina attempts to steal a USB from Raghav’s pocket. Raghav dances with Sonali at the Holi party to provoke jealousy in Naina. Parth spikes Naina’s drink because she cannot fall in love with him.

Saturday: 2nd May 2020 (E 93-95)

Parth warns to reveal that Naina is pregnant. Raghav beats up Parth. He explains to Khurana the dark secrets of Armaan later on.

Sunday: 3rd May 2020 (E 96-98)

An embarrassing video of Naina’s pregnancy leaks out. Raghav wants Naina to believe in his innocence. Khurana is determined to discover and locate the surrogate mother.

Monday: 4th May 2020 (E 99-101)

Raghav realizes later that he ate a poisoned apple after he throws Khurana out of the house. Harjeet lies to Khurana about the surrogate mother.

Tuesday: 5th May 2020 (E 102-104)

Raghav sends men to attack Naina and feigns to protect her. Pandey reveals to Khurana that Dr. Sonali is the mysterious woman in the photograph. Rehan tells Naina that Khurana fathered her unborn baby.

Indu has lost her memory

The story continues to unfold.

Wednesday: 6th May 2020 (E 105-107)

Khurana confides in Harjeet that Naina is expecting Raghav’s baby. Dadi recovers from the coma. Balraj is happy because Indu has lost memories of her past. Indu doubts the paternity of Raghav and Naina’s baby.

Thursday: 7th May 2020 (E 108-110)

Indu authorizes a DNA test on the son of Naina. Raghav reveals to Indu, the man who assaulted her. Veer is arrested.

Friday: 8th May 2020 (E 111-113)

Veer breaks out of prison, kidnaps and tortures Naina. Raghav and Khurana are looking for ways to free her. Harjeet almost kills Raghav. Veer’s parents betray him, and he attempts to shoot Raghav.

Saturday: 9th May 2020 (E 114-116)

Harjeet moves into Raghav’s home, to get close to Naina. Will Naina see the evidence that a stranger will drop near her?

Sunday: 10th May 2020 (E 117-119)

Raghav safeguards Naina when Armaan schemes to kill her. A picture in Renu Kapoors’ house catches her attention. Khurana performs Ahana’s post-death rites. Naina meets Raghav’s sister The story gets more interesting.

Monday: 11th May 2020 (E 120-122)

Harjeet holds a party and invites Naina to fool her. Why is Raghav uneasy when he notices Seema in Khurana’s house? Seema does not want Naina to perform Hawan rituals.

Tuesday: 12th May 2020 (E 123-125)

Naina finds out that Raghav and Seema are siblings. Seema narrates the truth about Veer’s death. Why does Raghav visit Khurana? Thugs attach a bomb on Naina at the stadium.

Wednesday: 13th May 2020 (E 126-128)

Naina’s baby needs a blood transfusion from his biological father, urgently after he is born. Raghav requests Khurana to donate his blood.

Thursday: 14th May 2020 (E 129-131)

Khurana kidnaps the son of Naina and challenges Raghav to go after him. Later, Raghav attempts to escape with the baby. Khurana shoots his car tire from behind. The car rolls down the hill and kills Raghav.

Friday: 15th May 2020 (E 132-134)

Dadi promises to avenge Raghav’s death while Indu confesses her plot to revenge against Rehaan and the Khurana family. Naina marries Rehaan for her son’s sake.

An evil spirit possesses Naina

Here is the best part.

Saturday: 16th May 2020 (E 135-137)

Rehaan’s wife dares him to hold the baby’s naming ceremony without her consent. Rehaan confronts her for naming the baby Ahaan, but her strange response frightens him.

Sunday: 17th May 2020 (E 138-140)

Khurana’s family is distressed when Armaan surfaces on the news. Rehaan’s wife burns Harjeet’s hands. Rina accuses Armaan of misleading her. Sudha wants Indu to leave the house.

Monday: 18th May 2020 (E 141-143)

Harjeet supports Sudha and Armaan’s intention to hurt Rehaan’s wife. Armaan tries to drown baby Ahaan in a bathtub. His mother gets possessed by the dead Ahana and attacks him. Will Harjeet’s sacred locket restrain the spirit?

Tuesday: 19th May 2020 (E 144-146)

Harjeet tries to provoke the Ahana spirit to prove that Rehaan’s wife is possessed. Rehaan allows his wife to manage the house. Indu is excited when she finds Rehaan’s grandmother, MK.

Wednesday: 20th May 2020 (E 147-149)

Naina humiliates Harjeet during Harjeet’s birthday party. Harjeet hires Swamiji to give Naina medical care at Ashram, where mentally ill women are abused. MK blames Indu for condoning disrespect from Rehaan’s wife. Will Indu save Naina from the Ashram? Women are mistreated at Ashram.

Thursday: 21st May 2020 (E 150-152)

Indu gets into a deal with Parmeshwari to save Rehaan’s wife from the Ashram. Naina mobilizes women to attack Swamiji. The police arrest them.

Friday: 22nd May 2020 (E 153-155)

Rehaan’s wife becomes a significant shareholder in the company. She and Indu attempt to poison Rihaan. Harjeet takes poison to prove the Rehaan’s wife that she is innocent.

Saturday: 23rd May 2020 (E 156-158)

Nurses falsify rape evidence against Rehaan. Rehaan’s wife threatens Harjeet with a knife. She gives the police a video that convinces them to release her husband.

Sunday: 24th May 2020 (E 159-161)

Naina and Indu set Harjeet and Sudha against each other. Why did Mangal meet Harjeet after having a conversation with Naina? Indu records Harjeet and Armaan’s meeting secretly.

Monday: 25th May 2020 (E 162-164)

Harjeet tells Rehaan that he is her stepmother. Ira tells Rehaan that she has married Armaan to hurt Naina.

Tuesday: 26th May 2020 (E 165-167)

Mangal attacks Parmeshwari and Sudha. Rehaan makes her the company’s final financial and legal decision-maker, and this enrages Harjeet. Naina eavesdrops on Sudha and discovers that Raghav is alive.

Wednesday: 27th May 2020 (E 168-170)

Mangal helps Indu and the wife of Rehaan to visit Raghav’s kidnappers. Rehaan gets shot as he tries to save his family. After seven, the widowed Naina is telling her love story to her students for them to learn true love.

What is happening to Naina and Raghav?

They have fierce battles to fight.


Rehaan makes her shareholder in the company. He also allows her to supervise the house. She is allowed to make legal and financial decisions in the company. The Ahana spirit possesses her. Harjeet is after her and her son’s life.


He tries to prove to Naina that he is innocent. She finds out that he is alive. Everyone had assumed that Kurana killed him. The May 2020 Chasing My Heart t\easers explain why you must watch this drama. It never gets boring.

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