The best driving schools in Durban

Durban is located in the east part of South Africa and it is the third most populous city in the country. Learning to drive in a busy city is important, because everyone is busy and always on the go, you might need to learn how to get around on your own.

One of these ways to achieving this is by enrolling at one of the numerous driving schools in Durban that puts forward amazing packages to their students and whose method of instilling the right knowledge are efficient and effective.

A list of the best driving schools in Durban
In Durban, driving schools have different license codes for their drivers. These codes are used to identify specific vehicle types and are used as the standard licensing codes to enable drivers operate a specific kind of vehicle.
License codes in Durban:
A – Motorcycles
This category is further sub-divided into two; the first is the code A1 that deals with motorcycles that have an engine capacity of 125 cubic centimeters and less. The second category is called code A; it deals with motorcycles that have an engine capacity of more than 125 cubic centimeters.
B – Light motor vehicles
There are three codes in this category. They include; codes B, B5, and B7.
C – Heavy Motor vehicles
Codes in this category are divided into two which are; CA and C1.
D – Combinations including articulated vehicles
This category includes the following driving codes EB, EC and EC1.

Code 14 learners
A code 14 driver’s license is a license that allows you to drive a code 8, code 10 and EB vehicles. It is also the same license that permits you to drive a vehicle that is over 16,00kg. Before you can obtain the learner’s license, you must have passed the eyesight and knowledge test.
Before taking the learner’s test, its important you know that the questions in the test are divided into three sections. Section one has 15 questions and one is allowed to fail only three questions. The other two sections comprise of 30 questions and you are allowed to fail only one question.

Top 10 driving schools in Durban
1. Omars Driving School
Omars driving school is rated as the leading training specialist in Durban. They are a group of expert trainers and they offer professional driving lessons which include learner’s license tuition, K53 drivers training, and Driver’s training services. You can reach out to them via 084 049 7201 and can also visit their office at Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban North, Durban – 4320.
2. VIP Driving School
VIP started training people for driving lessons in 1984, they have gathered years of experience and are highly recognized as one of the frontiers of driving training in Durban. Their services are excellent, and their teaching method is efficient as well. For manual lessons they charge a total of R1, 700 while for auto lessons the learner is expected to pay R1, 950. They operate from Mondays to Fridays between 06:00 and 18:30. However, on Saturdays, their office is open for operations from 06:00 to 15:30 but it is closed on Sundays. Their office is located at Mountbatten Drive, Reservoir Hills, Durban – 4090.
3. South Africa Driver Training Center
This center offers training for all codes of learner’s and driver’s license. Their office is situated at 41 Charlotte Maxeke St, Durban Central, Durban, 4001, and you can also reach them via phone call on +27 83 727 0672.
4. Joys Driving School
Joys Driving School specializes in learner’s license and driver’s license for code 8 and 10. It is situated at 19 Paruks Drive, Durban North, Durban – 4051, and is only open from Monday to Saturdays from 06:00 to 18:30.
5. Spot on Driving School
This driving school operates from their office at 159 Arundel Rd, Hillary, Durban, 4094, and they run only on Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and17:00. You can reach out to them via +27 82 445 9680 or visit their website Spot-On Driving School to know more about them and what their prices are.
6. On Track Driving School
This training school stands out as the most popular training school for learners. They are keen on helping students understand the intricacies of driving in the easiest way. On track driving school is one of the training schools that have a program for disabled people and also open on Sundays. The time of operation from Monday to Friday is between 06:00 and 18:30, on Saturdays they are open from 06:00 to 16:30 and on Sundays they run from 08:00 to 16:30. Their office is situated at Steve Biko Rd, KwaZulu Natal, 4001, South Africa City of Durban and their phone lines are always open for your enquiries, and you can contact them via +27 31 502 750/ 083 475 1399
7. Oceans Driving
This driving school is targeted at helping ladies who are Muslims obtain their drivers’ license. It is located at North Coast Road Durban North, Durban, 4051, and runs from Monday to Fridays from 07:30 to 16:30. On Saturdays, it is open from 07:30 to 12:00 and doesn’t operate on Sundays.
8. Easy Way Driving School
This training school can be referred to as the driving school for code 14 learners. Easy way driving has diverse packages for learners who are code 14 drivers. Their prices vary according to the course the learner is applying for. For the code 10 full course, they charge R4, 800, but for half of the same course it is R3, 100. Code 10 brush up – R, 800, Code 10 super brush-up – R1, 300, Code 10 individual lesson – R150 and for Code 10 truck hire only – R700.
To know what they charge for code 8 and 14, visit their website or their contact address at Umgeni Rd, Umgeni Business Park, Durban, 4001. You can also reach them via +27 31 796 5908 for your enquiry
9. Drive Rite School of Motoring
This driving training center is located at Round the Green Street, Sunningdale, Durban – 4051 and can be contacted through 083 439 1047
10. Durban Driving Academy
This driving training center is located at Flat 17 Rouken Glen, 381 Musgrave Rd, Berea, KwaZulu Natal, 4001, and can be contacted through 031 208 4122.
11. Dees Driving School
This center is situated at 62 Botanic Gardens Rd, Musgrave, Durban, 4001 and can be contacted through their website at or via +27 31 202 0202.

K53 driving
This is a kind of driving that ensures that you keep clear space around your vehicle when on the road. It is a defensive driving that is targeted at reducing or averting road accidents. K53 driving teaches four important lessons, which are: to observe, recognize, predict and decide or resolve.
Some of the accredited K53 driving schools in Durban are: Pams driving school, Vees and Gees driving, Bilikis driving and Eugene’s driving school.

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