The best 10 construction companies in Pretoria

Construction companies are firms created to handle building projects. Construction companies build estates, pavements, roads, and other infrastructures.

South Africa has a lot of efficient construction companies. However, Pretoria which is one of the three South African capital cities has a larger ratio of construction companies.

In this article, we’ll list the best construction companies you can find in Pretoria, SA, will be provided.

Types of construction

Did you know there are three types of construction South Africa? They are Buildings Construction, Infrastructure Construction, and Industrial Construction.

  • Building construction can be divided into commercial and institutional works.Th
  • Infrastructure construction is also referred to as heavy civil or heavy engineering. It includes large public works, dams, highways, railways, water, and utility distribution over large areas.
  • Industrial construction includes refineries, power generation, and manufacturing plants.

1. Bevcor Construction; 406 Braam Pretorius St, Magalieskruin, Gauteng, 0182, South Africa, Pretoria.

2. Solid Crete; 1 Lock-Shoe St, Wapadrand, Gauteng, 0050, South Africa, Pretoria.

3. Kazan Construction; Pretoria, South Africa. +27 12 348 3462

4. G.D. Irons Construction (Pty) Ltd; Pretoria, South Africa. +27 12 804 6755

5. Gilmosh Holdings (Pty)Ltd; stand 5050 kanan block h Hammanskraal, Po Box 5050 kanana Block H Hammanskraal 0400, Pretoria.

6. Ehlers Johan; 758 Frhensch St, Moreleta Park, Gauteng, 0044, South Africa, Pretoria.

7. Superway Construction (Pty) Ltd; Pretoria, South Africa. +27 12 807 1680

8. Invicta Construction CC; Pretoria, South Africa. +27 12 332 3495

9. Urban Construction Cc; 1 Wapadrand Shop Ctr, Wapadrand Rd, Wapadrand, Gauteng, 0050, South Africa, Pretoria.

10. JC van der Linde & Venter Projects; Pretoria, South Africa. +27 12 803 0392

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