The benefits of Jungle Juice for breastfeeding mothers


Sometimes, nursing mothers become agitated when their breast is not supplying the required milk to feed their baby. Breastfeeding is important because it aids the proper growth and development of a child. And it is also essential that a child is breastfed for at least between six months to 2 years.

So when nursing mothers can’t produce enough milk to feed their baby with what do they do?

Not too long ago, the jungle juice was discovered to aid the supply of breast milk in nursing mothers. It is a simple homemade solution that helps to boost the supply of breast milk. Some nursing mothers have testified to and acclaimed its effectiveness, and you should try it out too.

Jungle juice is a mixture of water, blackthorn berry elixir, fruit liquid and a few other ingredients that individuals might choose to add to the liquid. It is assumed to be a good homemade method of increasing milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.

While some nursing mothers have affirmed its efficiency, it’s important to understand that there is no medical evidence to back up the claims. Some of those who have used it said they discovered the jungle juice before they delivered their babies and the energy the liquid supplies to the body helped them get through with labor.

Others said they drink it shortly after delivery, and it helped to prepare their bodies for lactation.

How does the jungle juice work?
Jungle juice works like galactagogues. Galactagogues are substances that help to improve the body’s ability to produce more milk by increasing the total amount of prolactin (the hormone that gives the breast instructions to produce more milk) which the brain secretes.
Despite the jungle juice’s ability to act as a stimulant for breast milk, there are a few reservations as to its use. Firstly, most of the ingredients used in making the juice are high in sugar. And also, it has the tendency to cause weight again
Benefits of jungle juice
The few benefits that have been recorded based on the use of jungle juice are discussed below:
1. It stimulates the production of breast milk
Jungle juice has been recommended to nursing mothers who have low supply of breast milk. They have been asked to take the juice in order to boost the supply of their milk. Also, lactation consultants have advised their patients to opt for this method as a way of boosting the supply of their milk rather than taking drugs or undergoing other medical processes.
One of the amazing things about the jungle juice is that it takes effect in some mothers almost immediately after they drink it, and for those some they will only see the effect 24 hours after they have started drinking it. Another interesting thing is that the ingredients can be easily located in the market while the juice can be prepared in minutes.
2. It serves as an energy booster
For nursing mothers who get weak easily, jungle juice is efficient in boosting energy levels.
How to make jungle juice
Preparing jungle juice for breastfeeding is not difficult, and the required ingredients are easy to get. As long as all the ingredients are available, you can prepare it in minutes.
Apple, grape or berry juice (1 litre)
Water (1 litre)
Schlehen Blackthorn Berry Elixir (60ml)
Raspberry Electropac or Blackcurrant Rehydrate (1 sachet)
Rescue Remedy (optional)
Preparation procedure
Mix all the ingredients in a 2-litre bottle and refrigerate.
Note that you can drink two liters of the mixture in 24 hours if possible or you take a glass cup each time you breastfeed the baby. For every cup that you take, you can add about ten drops of Rescue Remedy if you desire. The Rescue remedy is meant to help you calm your nerves.

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