Telkom webmail down? Here’s the settings and common problem

Telkom is undisputedly one the best network provider in south Africa. The telecommunication service has make it more easier for subscribers to interact with their love ones with creditable internet.

But, in the recent past, a lot of affected users have voiced out their anger on social media platform relating to Telkom mail services.

Reports on failed Telkom email systems have reached their highest with many clients complaining about its unresponsiveness.

We have analyzed and presented helpful Telkom webmail settings to help you get over common mail problems.

Why Telkom emails are not working

For starters, each broadband or internet deal of the company has a non-payable email account that one can set up in Apple mail, Outlook, or any other email programme. By setting up this email, one can get mails via internet browser at any time and anywhere. However, recent reports on webmail challenges have left many users with “” addresses unable to receive or send mails for some time now.

Most users have mainly raised concerns over failed or limited access to webmail clients. While infrequent interruptions are not a concern, the experience is even more pronounced among the mobile service users who often go for days without accessing their mail. Most of those affected admit spending about two days in a row without mail. Recent calls for Telkom support have revealed that the service is not working, having no ETA on a resolution.

Telkom email not receiving and Telkom emails not sending

The past months have not been an easy one for Telkom webmail users. The problem seems to remain unresolved even after the company confirmed quick action. The firm’s support team has been actively trying to address customer concerns, even as several mailboxes remain inaccessible.

In one of the responses, the telecommunications company admitted that all email services were disrupted by an issue relating to the Symantec Message Gateway. Even after resolving this issue, several clients are yet to access their mails. It is now clear that the solution was short-lived and could hardly last long enough.

The recurrence of Telkom mails problems has affected several of their clients, judging by the number of complaints registered on their customer support pages.

How do I use and configure my Telkom email?

Telkom email settings are easy and always handy in resolving most of your mailbox issues. It is advisable to use port 25 as a default for all outgoing servers in situations where the port is not specified.

Common outgoing servers for sending emails

For Telkom:

  • ADSL: or or
  • Mobile (LTE):
  • Mobile (8TA): or or
  • Analogue Dial-Up:, or

An email was sent to me, but I haven’t received it. Why?

Telkom email systems always scan new documents before completing their transfer. In some cases, clients fail to receive emails because of a detected virus. The firm deletes all mails with viruses to keep your device safe from harm. Also, check on your webmail settings to make sure that you receive all mails without experiencing issues.

How do I use and configure my Telkom email?

Webmail Telkom uses Microsoft Exchange Outlook Express to make sending and receiving of mails easy and affordable.

Domain Outgoing Mail and Incoming Mail

  • (ADSL Customers)

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