Telkom APN, MMS, mobile, internet, modem, and WiFi router settings

We all can’t dispute the fact that Telkom is one of the most fastest and reliable network provider in South Africa.

But most times we often find it difficult to sort the Telkom APN settings and other configurations that allow us have access to swift internet service.

APN fully known as Access Point Name is a solution that allows for the transfer and sharing of data over a secure connection.

While in some instances, you may need to set them up on your own, sometimes, these settings are configured by default.

How do I setup my Telkom LTE router? Telkom LTE APN is set up differently depending on the device. Set it up according to your device below:

1. Telkom devices

How do I get Telkom mobile internet settings? Here is the procedure for Telkom mobile APN settings as well as for Telkom modems and routers.

Huawei mobile WiFi E5330 configurations

  • To establish Telkom mobile internet settings on this gadget,
  • Power the device and connect it via a USB cable to your computer.
  • Open your browser and go to
  • A popup should appear. On top of it, click on the settings tab and use “admin” (without quotes) for both username and password.
  • Once you log in, go to “New Profile” and use “TelkomInternet” for both profile name and APN. Save and you are good to go.

Dlink DWR 730 modem

  • First, insert your SIM card and record the password close to the SIM slot of this modem.
  • Turn it on and connect the device to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the browser and navigate to The username is “admin” but leave the password field blank.
  • In the new window popup, go to Internet, select the Connection Menu, and navigate to the User Profile tab.
  • Click on add and use TelkomInternet as the name and APN. Leave other fields blank. Then select OK and then apply the settings.
  • The final step involves opening going to the connection operation tab.
  • Under the roaming model, click disable and then change.
  • Make sure the TelkomInternet profile is highlighted and then click set.
  • Your device is ready to use. On a mobile device or whatever you use, enable WIFI and locate the name of your router. Use the password you noted in the first step.

Dlink LTE router configurations

  • Once you connect the device via USB, open the link on the browser.
  • Use “admin” as both username and password then click on setup wizard.
  • Set the APN selection mode to manual and use “TelkomInternet” for the APN.
  • Click next all the way to step 4. Click apply and you should be ready to surf with your new
  • Telkom APN settings. Telkom Dongles Connection Manager On the connection dashboard, select profiles, and the edit.
  • Use TelkomInternet as the profile name and the APN fields then save.
  • Go to the connection tab, select the TelkomInternet profile then click connect for you to start browsing.

Other devices 

These devices include Android systems, Blackberry, and others that may require Telkom APN settings.

2. Android

Go to settings and then open wireless and networks. Navigate to mobile networks and choose access point names. From the dropdown list, select the option of new APN. On the name field in the window that comes up, use TelkomInternet then select ok.

Use the same value on the APN field. Back on the dropdown list, click save. Once you do that, the new configurations should appear on the list. Select the new settings and you are done.

3. iOS

Navigate to settings, cellular data, and then click on APN settings. On the APN field, use TelkomInternet. That is all you have to do.

4. Windows

Navigate to settings and then click on access point. Click on the add button and use TelkomInternet as the connection name and the access point name fields. Select the tick button and you are set.

5. Blackberry

Navigate to settings, then choose device, and finally go to the advanced system settings. Select TCP/IP and enable the APN setting. Change the APN to TelkomInternet. Save that and browse.

6. MTN

Go to the setup tab, profile, click on the add button, and use TelkomInternet as the profile name then save. On the left panel, click connections and choose TelkomInternet from the dropdown list under profile. Click connect and start browsing.

7. Vodacom

On the Vodacom interface, open the advanced tab then go to properties. Click the add settings button then choose mobile as the connection type. In the new tab, make sure the general tab is selected and use TelkomInternet as the settings name.

Under the network tab, use TelkomInternet in the edit APN field then click OK. Go to the status tab and highlight the TelkomInternet APN name. You should see a PIN code prompt. Use the dongle PIN code and select OK. Click on connect and enjoy browsing.

7. Cell C

On their interface, go to settings and then click on the add button. Use TelkomInternet under the config filename field. On the bottom left side of the interface, select “use the following APN names”, use TelkomInternet in the config field, and confirm by clicking OK. On the starting interface, under the connections tab, select TelkomInternet from the dropdown connection and click connect. Enjoy browsing.

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