Telekom data prices in 2020

In the whole of South Africa, Telkom has become a widely known network service provider that offers reliable and affordable network services. Telkom has been able to make its mark for a range of reasons.

The Telkom data prices include some of the most affordable rates going by the different packages on offer- but that is not all. There are a number of Telkom data bundles with varied prices offered by this mobile provider.

If you want to know some of the Telkom data offers that will be best for you, this article has a list of them. Read on!

1. FreeMe bundles

This package is suitable for most people as it is also very affordable. Apart from the bundles, you can also get other benefits as long as you are subscribed to this plan. It is valid for fourteen days after which you can recharge to get the same plan. 150Mb FreeMe goes for R29.00.

The package comes with the following:

  • 150MB
  • Free 50 SMSs
  • Free 150 minutes to Telkom Mobile and Fixed lines
  • Free 150MB for Instant Messaging and VoIP

2. Monthly recurring data bundles

Due to a busy schedule for some people, it might be difficult to keep subscribing to daily or weekly plans. That is why monthly recurring bundles are provided for such people. Here are some of the benefits of having this plan with 25MB.

  • 25MB anytime
  • You will be required to exhaust what you subscribed for the previous month before first before you can begin using the new ones for the subsequent month.
  • Available for purchase to existing and new Top Up, postpaid voice customers
  • Out of bundle rate for R0.30 per MB
  • National Coverage giving access to Telkom mobile and roaming networks
  • The bundle will be allocated on the 1st of every month
  • Valid until the end of the next calendar month

Customers must go to the nearest customer care shop to cancel the monthly recurring bundle. This is the only way you can stop the subscription. The plan with 25MB goes for R7.25.

3. Once off data bundles

This plan is also suitable for people with tight schedules. Once you have subscribed to it, you receive your internet data on a monthly basis. Here are some of what the package with 25MB entails:

  • 25MB anytime
  • Valid until the end of the next calendar month from the date of activation
  • Extended national coverage giving access to Telkom mobile network and roaming network
  • Available for purchase to all customers
  • Out of bundle rate of R0.30 per MB

3. Time-based data bundles

One of the best ways to use the internet effectively is by allocating it time. This will help you avoid wasting a lot of data. This package is, therefore, best suited for people who have dedicated schedules for using the internet. Below is what comes with the package which has different types depending on your preference.

Hourly bundles:

This is one of the Telkom prepaid data packages contains the following: 75MB Anytime Valid for an hour after activation Available for purchase by existing and new prepaid customers National coverage giving access to MTN 3G roaming network. It goes for R5.00.

Weekend bundles:

This package has the following four options from which you can choose.

  • 100MB Anytime (R.10.00)
  • 200MB Anytime (R.19.00)
  • 500MB Anytime (R29.00)
  • 1B anytime (R49.00)
  • Valid for one weekend from Friday midnight until Sunday midnight.
  • Available for purchase by existing and new Prepaid, Top Up and Postpaid customers.
  • National coverage giving access to MTN 3G roaming network

Daily bundles:

Here are the benefits that come with this package.

  • 150MB Anytime
  • Valid for 24 hours after activation depending on the time of purchase.
  • Available for purchase by existing and new prepaid customers.
  • National coverage giving access to the MTN 3G roaming network.

This package will benefit people who have the discipline to set aside time for the internet. Get and enjoy these services from the self-service portal.

4. Telkom LTE deals

This package comes with a lot of options from where you can choose depending on your needs and its affordability.

  • Wireless 5GB (R249.00)
  •  Wireless 20GB (R455.00)
  • Wireless 30GB (R555.00)
  • Wireless 50GB (R759.00)
  • Wireless 100GB (R1059.00)

The broadband package offers you the following:

  1. 20GB Anytime
  2. 20GB Telkom night surfer times (Midnight – 7 am).
  3. Subscribers need to link a secondary mobile device to their plan via their mobile account in-order to consume the free WiFi bundle
  4. Free Unlimited WiFi bundle (10GB FUP)
  5. Out of bundle rate for R0.30 per MB
  6. Available on 2300MHz LTE/LTE-A network (Subject to coverage check)
  7. LTE/LTE-A WiFi Router included (With Contract) (Subject to coverage check)
  8. Free SIM & Connection (available with a device only)

How to buy Telkom data

There are a number of methods you can use to purchase these Telkom mobile data deals. They include:

  • On your mobile phone, dial *180# and choose the option ‘bundle purchase’
  • Log in to your self-service portal and click on the “purchase bundle” option.
  • Telkom Stores, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Edcon, Ackermans, Flash, PEP, Shoprite, Dunns, Foschini and Shoe City are some of the stores and institutions from where you can buy data bundles.
  • Download the Telkom mobile app on your phone. Log in to the app and instantly purchase your data package.

These are the data bundle packages that are offered by Telkom. These data bundles are not just affordable but fast.

You can get to know more about 100GB Night Surfer Once-off-Data Bundles and Daily/Weekly/Monthly Social Bundles visiting the official website of Telkom.

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