Step by step guide to watch DStv online for free

With technological advancement, watching your favorite series and movies freely from any device is now with ease.

DStv is a leading satellite station that offers a lot of features with great entertainment and news viewing experience for its users across the continent of African.

In a bid to make it much easier for its viewers, DSTv introduced another plan called ‘DStv Now’, a free app for all subscribers, to watch several TV channels such as Channel O, M-Net, Mzansi Magic, and SuperSport live anywhere.

It also grants every subscriber access to over 95+ audio channels. This app is suited for laptops, gaming consoles, phones, tablets, desktop computers, and smart TVs.

How does DStv Now app work?

From your browser, on a mobile, tablet, or PC, visit now. dstv. com/tv or get the app from your iOS or Android device. Create a Connect ID that you will use to login to your online account. Once logged in, use the search option to find a program, series, or a movie that you intend to watch.

You can also get details of various DStv packages and channels online, or any TV shows you might be interested in. Just tap or click on the show’s name on the details page.

What do I need to use DStv Now?

This Multi-choice service makes watching live shows on your phone possible on DVB-H technology. In addition, it does not require an additional subscription. Despite this, to watch DStv channels for free online, you need to have the following:

  • A compatible laptop, iOS or Android device
  • An active Premium subscription
  • Your laptop, iOS, or Android device needs to be connected to the internet.
  • A Connect ID that is linked to your account but if you use DStv Explora, it should be connected to the Explora smartcard.

How do I get connected? To use DStv Now, you must first get registered and have a Connect ID. This unique ID grants you access to DStv free channels online at any time and anywhere.

Can I watch DStv without paying?

If you are an iOS or Android lover, it is possible to watch DStv online for free on your device as long as you are a subscriber to the Premium, Compact Plus, or Compact package. You can download the app free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Devices compatible with DStv Now

While it is easy to watch TV shows, series, and movies online for free, not every device allows you to access the application. You need the right software to watch DStv online free. The following are some of the compatible devices that will enable your online access:

  • Android phones (version 4.1 and above);
  • Tablets (version 4.1 and above);
  • Android TV devices starting from version 4.1 and above;
  • Mac Computer (over a web browser) or MacBook;
  • iOS 9 and higher version of iPads;
  • iPod (iOS 9 and higher versions);
  • iPhones (iOS 9 and higher versions).

DStv Now app for PC free download

To watch your favourite TV shows and other programmes available on the app through your laptop or personal computer, download a desktop emulator app. The Android app is an apk installer file, which you can access through your Windows AppStore or Mac store.

After installing it, open and search for “DStv now download for PC” through the search bar. Once you have downloaded it, choose All Apps icon and then DStv Now App for Windows or Mac to start enjoying the free DStv.

How do I get DStv Now on my smart TV?

Firstly, connect your smart TV to the internet using either ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Then go to the App Store on your TV, search for “DStv Now,” and install the app. Once installed, the app will display a code on your TV screen. Meanwhile, if you use a laptop/desktop, go to and sign in. Immediately you sign in, go to and type the code displayed on the TV, then click on the “Sign in on TV” button. The app will go live on TV.

Which channels are free on DStv Now?

Can you watch all channels on DStv Now? South Africans currently have access to watch 13 free channels on DStv Now. The channels which are currently available for free streaming include the following:

  • 400 – BBC World News
  • 401 – CNN
  • 402 – Sky News
  • 403 – eNCA
  • 404 – SABC News
  • 406 – Newzroom Afrika
  • 414 – Euronews Now
  • 100 – DStv
  • 180 – People’s Weather
  • 238 – SuperSport Play
  • 313 – PBS Kids
  • 320 – Channel O
  • 343 – TBN

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