South Africa: Easy and simple dinner ideas


Are you running out of ideas for dinner? or, you’re tired of eating the same meal? Then, worry less, as we’ve got you covered with some amazing South Africa dinner ideas below. You could try them out even if you’re not South African.

South Africa is quite an interesting nation with a diverse culture. Our foods are a blend of the traditional meals as well as influences from other regions. Some of the foods here will surprise you simply because they are prepared from everyday ingredients, yet very sweet.

1. Dumplings and Stew

2. Cow heel and spinach 

3. South African Lamb Sosaties 

4. Cape Malay pickled fish 

5. South African pumpkin soup 

6. Chakalaka 

7. Frikkadel 

8. Skilpadjies

9. Mielie-bread 

10. Assorted chicken parts with bread

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