Sheila Senkubuge biography, age, profile, nationality & education

Sheila Senkubuge (born in 1984 in former Transkei) is a South African politician.

She served to occupy the position of MMC for Roads and Transport for Tshwane City within the Tshwane Council. Sheila was into politics within the Tshwane Council and sat as the MMC seat for Roads and Transport.

In 2016, her career in politics began, and has encountered challenges that have in a way pushed her into the limelight.

Sheila Senkubuge profile

Name: Sheila Senkubuge

Age: 36 years old

Year of birth: 1984

Place of birth: Former Transkei

Nationality: South African

Origin: Ugandan

Profession: Politician

Education: University of Pretoria


Her year of birth is 1984 though her day and month of birth are out of the public eye. Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, Minister of Home Affairs says she was born in former Transkei. Her parents had her in Transkei after their migration 1983. Sheila Senkubuge is 36 years old.


She had her academic pursuit in South Africa. She studied at the University of Pretoria.


Her nationality has been a topic on its own, claims have it that she wasn’t a naturalized South African. Democratic Alliance(DA) made these allegations and claimed that she is a migrant after moving from Uganda in 2011. But she got naturalized in the year 2018.

Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi, Home Affairs Minister, put the claims to rest after he said that her place of birth is in the country, as per her case file.

Her origin could be traced to Uganda, Sheila Senkubuge is a South African citizen by naturalization. The Independent Electoral Commission had made a verification through her documents on the status of her citizenship.


In 2006, she started a career pursuit in politics after she ran for the post of MMC for Roads and Transport. She ran her post for the Tshwane Council in Tshwane City. Her political career went smoothly until it encountered bumps.

The female politician was faced with scandalous challenges. Several works of hers were related to repairing sinkholes in Tshwane City. This posted ‘a safety risk’ to the residents of the City. In the 2017/2018 financial year, Sheila said that R27.5m was received as an allocation for repairing five (5) sinkholes in different parts of the city.

Sheila controversial news

Sheila Senkubuge resigned from her position days after she was placed on special leave. An audio clip leaked online, which was supposedly a conversation between Sheila and (Tshwane Mayor) Steven Mokgalapa claims that she was having a sexual relationship with him also and shared confidential information about colleagues in the subway.

Sheila Senkubuge awards

She has bagged two in one year. During the August 2019 African Pan Awards, Sheila was presented with the Most Influential Woman in the local government award. Three months after the first award, she got another award from the Women in Transport Awards. This award centres on innovation and excellence as a leader within the transport industry.

Sheila Senkubuge Uganda

Senkubuge marked 2011 as an emotional and spiritual pilgrimage as she purposed on getting a more profound connection into her life. Within the same year, she travelled to her country of origin, Uganda, where she had not been in years. In an article she wrote, she describes the experience as “intense” as she was welcomed and had a sense of correction to her roots.

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