SARS rolls out toll-free number for tax payers

Virtually all sectors of the country are affected by the wave of the novel coronavirus and the service delivery industry isn’t left out.

Most sectors have had to seek alternative means of ensuring that their operations are not halted; likewise the South African Revenue Services.

In an effort to ensure that it’s operations are not affected, and that the citizens continue to have access to it’s services, the SARS has made available to the public it’s contact number, and not only that, but also it’s locations, operating hours and eFiling.

Continue reading to find out the toll number and addresses of the SARS.

What is the SARS?
SARS means the South African Revenue Services. This organization is responsible for revenue allocation and administration in the country, including national taxes. In a bid to ensure that it’s services aren’t interrupted and to further enhance service delivery, the SARS has embraced technology, to smoothen the relationship between itself and the masses especially during this pandemic.

Region 1
This region covers the better part of Gauteng province, including areas like the Greater Johannesburg region, West Rand, East Rand, and Mpumalanga. Taxpayers in this region can reach out through the following contact details:
Physical address: St Austell Street, Mackinnon Crescent, New Redruth, Alberton, 1449
Postal address: Private Bag x15, Alberton, 1450
Tax payers’ email address: [email protected]
Registered tax practitioners’ email address: [email protected]
Taxpayers’ fax: 0102085005
Registered tax practitioners’ fax: 010 208 5004

Region 2
This region covers the northern part of Gauteng, and it includes Limpopo, Pretoria, Centurion, and the North West region. Individuals in this region can access the tax services through any of these contact details:
Physical address: 7 Protea Street, Centurion, Pretoria, 0157
Postal address: PO Box 436, Pretoria, 0001
Taxpayers’ email address: [email protected]
Registered tax practitioners’ email address: [email protected]
Taxpayers’ fax: 0126706880
Registered tax practitioners’ fax: 010 208 5003

Region 3
This region covers the Eastern Cape region and Kwa-Zulu. Taxpayers can reach out to the offices through any of the following contact details:
Physical address: 201 Dr Pixley KaSeme Street, Durban, 4001
Postal address: PO Box 921, Durban, 4000
Taxpayers’ email address: [email protected]
Registered tax practitioners’ email address: [email protected]
Taxpayers’ fax: 0313286018
Registered tax practitioners’ fax: 010 208 5005

Region 4
This region encompasses the Free State, Northern Cape region, and the Western Cape region. Citizens can access SARS services through any of the following contact details:
Physical address: Corner of Teddington &, De Lange Road, Bellville, 7530
Postal address: Private Bag x11, Bellville, 7530
Taxpayers’ email address: [email protected]
Registered tax practitioners’ email address: [email protected]
Taxpayers’ fax: 0214138905
Registered tax practitioners’ fax: 010 208 5006

How can I get my SARS number?

If you are a registered taxpayer and you have forgotten your number, you can access it by logging in to your eFiling account. Alternatively, you can access it through the SARS contact centre by calling 0800 00 7277. Ensure to have your national identification card since the agent will require you to provide details for authentication. You can also visit a SARS branch or use the MobiApp if you are a registered taxpayer.

How do I get my tax number from SARS first time?

You can register through the SARS eFiling platform, which will issue you with a tax number. Also, you can register through any of the branches in the country.

Can SARS call me back?

If you need help with your tax, you can ask an agent to call you back.

Does the SARS open on Saturdays?

Usually, the branches do not operate on weekends, but on special occasions where deadlines have to be met, the rule is compromised.

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