Rated South African bloggers to know 

Rated South Africans bloggers to know 

Information is life, getting it from the right source makes life more beautiful.

South Africa is one such country where numerous individuals share helpful information concerning their passion, daily lives, and profession. This is via blogging, vlogging, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms.

This list of bloggers provides you with helpful beauty updates that promise to give you a complete makeover look.

South African beauty bloggers

Christel-Michel (Wenchy) Kruger

Just by taking your first glance at Wenchy’s pictures and you can tell that she is a beauty enthusiast. She considers herself to be a social media diva and freelance beauty blogger. Through her website known as “The Nocturnal Wenchy,” She shares various beauty tips concerning Food, Travel, Lifestyle, and Entertainment. This is through her experiences and research based on her current location in Johannesburg.

Sheri Greenway

Sheri Greenway is a beauty ambassador of Cape Town. If you are the type of person who loves to experiment with different beauty looks and products, Sheri is your type of blogger. Her blog is about her different experiments in beauty and writes down how the outcomes on her quest of achieving unique and comfortable beauty. Follow her on her blog named “SA Fashion Girl” and get exclusive beauty creativity ideas. Her blog focuses on Beauty, Creativity, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel.

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn’s blog is known as “Becoming you.” Just as the name suggests, the blog is featured on different aspects that relate to Kathryn’s daily life. For more than seven years, she shares ideas concerning beauty tips especially to South African mothers and women that have a family. She shares a day to day post that ranges from Beauty, Wellness, Mommy, and Lifestyle hacks.

Chereen Strydom

Chereen is the author of the beauty blog knows as” For the Beauty of It.” As a mother, Chereen Strydom shares helpful information concerning beauty products that all South African mothers should possess in their beauty bags and wardrobe. She also shares beauty tips that are helpful to a young baby’s health.

South African fashion bloggers

Sarah Langa

As a young wife, Sarah views fashion from quite a different and exciting angle. The outcomes are quite impressive as she includes both fashion and travel posts. Her fashion taste is inclusive for both young girls up to married status looks. Follow her blog to enjoy her posts.

Aisha Baker

Aisha is one of the favorite Muslim influencers South Africa has ever seen. Her sense of fashion is based on her daily life roles that include being a fashion enthusiast, wife, and mother. Her blog covers numerous fashion topics that every mom should get to know.

Sergio Ines

This is one of the popular South African influencers when it comes to male fashion designs. The story behind his fashion blog is one that will make you smile. Sergio states that one of her earlier girlfriends was so much obsessed with how great he dressed. She posted every photo of Sergio dressing and earned lots of likes on Instagram. As a result, Sergio saw it wise to start his blog known as “What My Boyfriend Wore.” He posts all the vital fashion information concerning how to be a gentleman in South Africa.

Lee Fraser

Based on his massive followers and likes of his trendy pictures, Lee decided to come up with a fashion and lifestyle blog in the year 2015. His blog is exclusive for men’s fashion and lifestyle posts in Cape Town.

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