Rachel Kolisi react after a mystery lady sent her husband, Siya, a nude photo

Rachel Kolisi has taken to the social media platform to vent her rage against the unidentified “gym bunny” for sending a nude photo to her husband, Siya Kolisi.

It caused a lot of stir and reactions on social media. While some applaud her for taking a bold step, others criticised her action and labelled her as ‘insecure’.

Adding that she’s “angry” and also wants people to know that the days of women taking sh*t,  doing nothing about it, are over!”.

On discovering of the saucy photo of the alleged lady, the mother of two went straight on the hunt away, posting the following on her Instagram story:

However, Mrs Kolisi went ahead to post the raunchy photo on her timeline, asking her followers for the identity of the woman, after claiming she blocked her and changed her username from @fitmiki_za to @fitmiki_capetown. She also acknowledged the fact that she hate being disrespected.

Social media users in return didn’t take it lightly with the Racheal as she received a lot of backlashes for being insecure, while others hailed her for taking the right move for guarding her marriage and her family.

Following the whole controversy on social media, The mother of two deactivated her Instagram account. There are claims that she could suffer the consequences of sharing this suggestive picture of the mysterious lady on social media.

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