Pretoria zoo: Here’s everything you need to know about this fascinating park

Africa is home to a mind-boggling number of wild animals.

Pretoria zoo, however, is one of the leading and most exciting wildlife conservancies in South Africa. If you’re a citizen and haven’t visit the zoo, then you’re probably missing a lot.

The animal park is located at 232 Boom Street, Pretoria, only 5.4 km from the Pretoria University, and it occupies 84 Hectares of land. About 600,000 people visit this large zoo annually.

Over 209 species of mammals, 202 species of birds, 190 species of fish, and 93 species of reptiles are found in the Pretoria Zoo.

Following its establishment in 1899, the facility has been made human-friendly.

In addition, there are secured campsites that make touring the site more fun for those who seek more than just a few hours of enjoying the wildlife scenery.

How much is the entrance at Pretoria Zoo?

At the entrance of the facility, one must pay an entrance fee that allows them access to all sections of the zoo. These include the aviary and enclosures of different animals close to the entrance, the African Savannah section in the middle, the aquarium and reptile park on the western side, and more pens on the northern end. Usually, the fees vary based on age as follows:

  • Children (2-15 years old)- R75
  • Adults- R110
  • Parking fee (per vehicle)- R25
  • Students’ special fee- approximately R75 (student groups)

There are extra charges that may be incurred inside the zoo. These extra charges are for mainly for added convenience and more fun activities within the zoo such are:

  • Children’s pushcarts- R60- R80 for a day
  • Golf cart for 1 hour- R100
  • Golf cart for 2 hours- R190
  • Camping fee (Children)- R110
  • Camping fee (Student groups)- R75
  • Camping fee (Adults)- R165

Cable carts are also available on special request for those that want the thrill of having an aerial view of the entire zoo. These cost more than the regular golf carts.

Special charges are incurred for guided night walking safaris that happen between September and March

  • Night safari (Children)- R95
  • Night safari (Student groups)- R75
  • Night Safari (Adults)- R110

Fun activities at the Pretoria Zoo

In addition to watching the animals, wildlife enthusiasts have a chance to adopt the animals. The adoption price range is R40-R100 annually depending on the chosen animal. Adoption offers the individual free entrance into the facility. Donations are also welcome, and those who give over R900 get their names mounted next to their adopted animals.

Children can also be a part of a 4-day zoo holiday course that encourages them to be a part of wildlife conservation and animal research. The vast land has special venues where private functions are held upon request. These include children’s parties and weddings. Unique local works of art can also be purchased in this wildlife park.

Things to carry to the zoo

When planning a visit to the Pretoria Zoo, one should bring comfortable shoes. Other items that one can take include water, food, cameras, protective gear such as sunglasses, and strollers. The rules strictly prohibit carrying pets, animal foods, grills, bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards.

Is alcohol allowed at Pretoria Zoo?

Alcohol is permitted in private events, but it has to be limited to the specific venue. Wandering around the zoo with alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Does the Gautrain go to Pretoria Zoo?

Local and international tourists without private means can access this game reserve using the Gautrain Bus that leaves the Gautrain Pretoria Station. One should board the CBD Inner P2 van and get out at stop 7.

The Pretoria Zoo is open to the public every day of the week from 08:30 to 16:30. This is a must visit location for both local and international tourists. Not only it offers a secured view and interactions with the enormous five as well as many other species, but also it has various fun activities. The entrance fee is very affordable and convenience features such as carts are provided at an extra cost. Plan your visit to this zoo now!

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