Photos: Check out A-Z cast of Getroud met rugby

The Getroud met rugby is an exciting Tv series that has warmed the heart of many viewers over the past decade.

Being a rather old series, it has been build over time and the list of casts has grown too. The story was developed by Deon Opperman together with his ex wife, an actress by the name Hanli Rolfes-Opperman.

For a program to have lasted this long, it most have the right personnel whose acting keeps fans coming back for more. This is exactly what Getroud met rugby karakters are like.

Assertive, talented and exceptionally creative are just but a few adjectives that can be used to describe them.

Here are the cast details to the getroud met rugby die sepie, which translates to married to rugby the soap opera.

Knowing them makes it easier to understand their roles and appreciate the efforts they make each season. Meet the cast below:

1. Stephanie Baartman as Bianca “Bibi” Bhele 

She acts as “Bibi” Bhele in kykNET soapie Getroud met Rugby: Die Sepie. Apart from being part of Getroud met rugby sepie, she is also a singer. She is the owner of the Bibi salon as a third generation beautician. Her salon and coffee shop offers the perfect spot for the Stryders women to hang out.

She is the daughter of a Zulu man and white woman. She is loved by all for keeping an impartial approach even as women share their deepest secrets and she pours out her wisdom in advice

2. Arno Greeff as Thomas “Tommie” Bekker

Tommy is the easy going, no stress kind of guy. With his intelligence, he can cope at school without sweating much. He is not directionless but also the kind that floats through the waves of life.

He may not have figured out what his dream is yet, but that does not prevent him from being extremely kind. He therefore acts as a shield in most family matters. He is also known to be very humorous. He often clashes with Reitz because of the extremely varied personalities.

3. Nadia Beukes as Iva Muller

Her role is warm as she loves people. In line of duty, when treating Fafa for a psychological problem, the two fall in love. However, they had to divorce when Fafa confessed to still loving Kiki whom he got together soon after he divorced Iva.

This leaves Iva heartbroken and even after she finds out that she is pregnant with Fafa’s child, she finds her solace in Schalk whom she becomes friends with but something more could be brewing.

4. Jocelyn Broderick as Nina Bekker

Nina is the supportive mother anyone would wish for. She chooses to put her needs second after her family’s. She acts as the buffer to her children especially for the times when the dad can charge as a buffalo.

She has a soft spot for Tommy whom she encourages constantly. She however has nostalgic moments about her university days and feels as though she has not lived to achieve her dreams.

5. David Louw as Simon Greeff

Simon comes off as the people that have life fall in place easily. Endowed with numerous natural talent, everything for him flows and as such he lacks perspectives on valuable life issues such as pain, hard work and suffering.

He is often seen taking a middle class approach where, prosperity convenience and comfort are key. Whereas he is kind, fun and pleasant making him to be adored by friends, his experience in life is caged to Pretoria’s suburbs. His marital relationship with Renate is not enjoyable but he also does not think it is bad as he believes that it is all in marriage.

6. David Clatworthy as Gerald Richter 

Gerald is a calculating and shrewd businessman whose main focus is to increase his wealth and power. He does this to the extend that personal relationships are not significant, in fact, he looks down on emotions. For this reason, he has no relationship with his daughter.

For Gerald, it is all about making money and staying on top of things and he can never let anything get in the way of that. His daughter is named Sasha whose mother passed on long time ago.

7. Werner Coetser as Johan “Blitz” Vermeulen

As the new gutter of the warriors, the handsome and attractive Blitz is quick at work as well as with the girls. He is a contented fellow that loves his most priced possessions being his bike and a leather jacket. The fact that he is not from a rich background does not bother him at all. He is a loyal friend and has a gift of character discernment.

8. Jolene Martin as Jade Cloete

The smart, successful and ambitious Jade is also a darling to Denver. She is a creative director at an advertising agency and has constantly dismissed better offers just for her love for Denver’s Rugby. Even though she is straightforward and practical, she can only share something after she has reflected on her feelings first.

She has a high regard for privacy and does not appreciate people poking their noses in her business. She only seeks advice from people she admires such as Nina. She goes with what is sensible hence will be willing to make sacrifices if she believes in it.

9. Rina Nienaber as Katryn “Koekie” Koekemoer

Because of her backward nature, Cookie will always strive for better and material things. Her aim is always to improve even though she does not really know what her goal is. She is loyal to Festus her husband, whom she loves dearly.

She cares about Bella but does not have enough sense of responsibility to care properly. Katryn has two daughters, Cornia and Kiki. She and her husband are always coming up with cunning money-making schemes that have all failed. Their favourite pass time is to sit, drink and gossip.

10. Johan Scholtz as Schalk Brand

Is a man with strict moral values. He coaches and mentors the boys as he works on his passion for rugby with the belief of playing professionally. He is also a hopeless romantic that does not take a chance in expressing his love for the woman that he cares about.

11. Franci Swanepoel as Laetitia du Preez

Laetitia is a woman that will never be satisfied with success and power as she is always seeking to increase in these areas. She will go out of her way to gain more power and financial edge. As a brilliant business woman, she is an expert in manipulation to get what she wants. She will even flirt and intimidate if it comes to that.

She recently asked her son for forgiveness and wants to build a relationship with him but the motive is not genuine as she aims at boosting her business. She even went to the extend of dating coach Schalk, to give her business an advantage.

12. Christel van den Bergh as Renate Greeff

Cunning Renate is extremely beautiful and mostly cares about her looks and appearance. She is also obsessive in always having things her way. She pressurizes Simon to much on his career because of her linkage to it. His excellence puts her on the spotlight even more. She is a lover of gossip and thrives on other people’s misfortunes.

Apart from her husband, her true loyalty also lies with her best friend Sasha. She is rather manipulative, materialistic ans superficial. She can be selfish, self pitying and self centered at times. She will always use every opportunity she gets to put herself as a victim.

13. David Vlok as Gideon Paulus Bekker

Gideon has it all figured out and knows how his family should be like, hence his authoritarian rule in family. He is extremely stubborn but sometimes falls under his wife when he lets her change his perspective. As a young rugby player, he failed to attain the success he wanted and currently lives his dreams through Reitz, one of his son.

He pressurizes him too much that their relationship as father and son is always hindered. His relationship with his other son Tommy is int he dips as he sees nothing he approves in him. They have varying life views.

14. Maryke

As one of the major characters of Getroud met rugby Maryke is a sensation. Most viewers will always talk about Maryke Getroud met rugby star in good light because of her excellent acting. She is a passionate woman that works hard to ensure pompoms is a success.

She is well informed about pop culture and regularly draws inspiration from glamourous celebrities lives. Even though she is cheerful and loving, she can also bring a good fight if there is need for it. She has a big caring heart but may not know how best to express it.

15. Sasha Getroud met rugby

Sasha is a role played by Anlia Van Rensburg. As Gerald’s daughter, Sasha tries to do the impossible and become worthy to his stubborn father. She uses her sexy look to get whatever she wants even if it means stepping on people’s toes to get to where she wants to be.

Her daddy issues make her crave for love and acceptance which lead her in all the wrong places. She has Laeititia as her mentor and all the good in her is almost being driven out. She has to audition for the Pompoms even though she previously refused on grounds of being Gerald’s daughter.

She has had to scratch several surfaces and get cross with a couple of people in her ambition to lead the Pompoms and get Steyn whose eyes were on Buula that she need to get rid of.

16. Melissa Willering as Chrissie

Chrissie is in Grade ten and has to go to school. At first the idea appalled to her but she quickly made friends and even got herself a boyfriend. Se is a wise young woman with a sharp and fast tongue. She is emotionally driven which explains her impulsive actions all the time.

She is confident and often wins arguments with her parents as she knows how to manipulate every family member to get her way. Everyone in her family cherishes and adores her because she has a very soft heart and is easily hurt. Her fashion sense is phenomenal as she prints her personal touch to everything she wears.

17. Sean Van Noordwyk as Reitz

Reitz is the golden family son since he is the typical first child. This makes him the pride of his parents, especially the dad. His father may not have excelled in rugby during his younger years, and as such uses him as a second chance to this missed glory.

The pressure him is too much that Reitz lives in fear of ever disappointing his father. He may have purpose and a lot of focus, but rugby is not his own choice. Despite being extremely good at the sport, he struggles to find enjoyment in it. His brother Tommy has a sense of freedom and lives a rather carefree lifestyle that he secretly envies. For this, he often clashes with him.

18. Louis van Niekerk as Festus Koekemoer

His love for his wife is everything for him and he will do anything to make her happy. As a born and bred, his attempts to be pious fail every time.He is naive as he is easily convinced and only feels guilty when the deal is done. Even so, his greed does not allow him consider consequences beforehand. He is married to Cookie and the two have 2 daughters.

Altus Theart as Alfons “Fafa” Beltrame

Fafa is loved by many because of being a former rugby player. His status can be equated to that of David Beckham. He may have been a naughty boy cum dressmaker in the past, but after being weathered by life’s storms, he has turned out just fine. Through relating with former wives Kiki and Iva, not forgetting Schalk’s mentorship, he had reformed and refined, picking up positive values and attitudes. He is passionate about rugby and loves the warriors.

20. Bella played by Ava Meyer

She is Kiki’s daughter. She adopted her from the sister Cornia and dad Botha Botha when the two were in prison. As of the last episode, when Fafa and Kiki came together, Fafa showed Bella a lot of love, just as he would his own child. With Kiki dead, Fafa takes over as the parent but also the grandparents are involved in Bella’s life.

21. Anja played by Elsje Slabbert

Anja has a heart of gold and is often warm to everyone. She loves children and has made a career out of it by being an au pair. She is always compassionate and empathetic. Despite her sweet nature, she is not to be stepped on She has mastered the art of expressing her discontent especially to the husband diplomatically and strictly, even when she is objecting.

22. Pottie acted by TB

He is the owner of the pub Pottie place. He loves the Warriors and most of them choose his bar. He is very smart and wise as far as the world is concerned. This explains why he is always sharing his wisdom with any tired soul that walks into his bar and cares to listen. He may be jovial but also has an expertise in defusing situations that get out of hand.

23. Vaughn Lucas as Denver

He is hard to miss. Cheerful, and quite man with a strong presence. He speaks only when it is necessary or after an immediate follow up. Even so, he stands for what he believes and shares his feelings freely with those he trusts. He has a personal love for rugby considering that he is a nerd. He is open minded but extremely stubborn as he likes to make decisions. He respects and loves his wife Jade, and considers their relationship the most important thing.

24. Ilse-Lee van Niekerk as Lorette

Lorette is an academic that is currently doing her B.A as a first year student. She is forced to retire as her parents move to Johannesburg. She has a good relationship with her family and especially gets along with Tommy. Her brother Reitz is okay but she is not fond of rugby players and may never consider dating one. She is focused and strives for independence as she works on being sophisticated.

Apart from the above mentioned actors, the following are also worth noting as they make the cast of this captivating series complete.

25. Kaz McFadden as Gasspeler

26. Andrew Stock as Gasspeler

27. Gustav Gerdener as Dolf Rossouw

28. Ramey Short as Kallie

29. Hannes Muller as Gasspeler

30. Karin Retief as Yvonne

31. Jana Strydom as Gasspeler

32. Hannon Bothma as Gasspeler

33. Vicky Kente as Virginia

34. Quintus Jansen as Salsa-Danser

35. Fezile Mpela as Ike

36. Marcella Solimeo as Salsa-Danser

37. Cobus Venter as Gaskunstenaar

38. Tessa Denton as Tanya

A stellar performer to say the least.

30. Rowan Cloete as Sean van der Velde

31. Henco JasGasspeler (as Henco Jacobs)


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