Necessary information to know about Lerato Kgamanyane

Necessary information to know about Lerato Kgamanyane

Lerato Kgamanyane is one of the individuals capitalizing on the digital space to earn a living for herself. At her age, she has already accomplished much by blogging about fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

ing culture in fashion. It is because of her taste in fashion she has managed to gain a considerable following on Instagram and other digital spaces. Most of her followers find it comfortable to consume her content because of the level of sophistication she portrays about fashion. Read on to learn more about her journey as well as other facts about her personal life.

Lerato Kgamanyane profile summary

Full name: Lerato Kgamanyane

Nickname: Rato

Date of Birth: 9 February 1995

Place of Birth: Johannesburg

Star sign: Aquarius

Favorite color: Black

Nationality: South Africa

Occupation: Entrepreneur, Influencer, Fashionista and blogger (travel, food, and fashion)

Things you should know about Lerato Kgamanyane:

1. Career: You cannot believe it, but Rato indeed had an eye for fashion from an early age. Precisely, at 17 years old, she had already decided about venturing into the industry. Her very first job was as a stylist– she worked as a stylist for Urban Degrees for a significant time. When she turned 19, she moved to Joburg where she worked on part-time condition as a stylist at Doc Marten.

She opened a fashion blog, which has enabled her to share ideas with a vast population of females in the country. With the help of the digital space, she has been able to reach many people in and outside South Africa. Luckily, since she made her entry into the fashion space, she has worked with reputable brands such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue Eyewear, and Boschendal Wines.

2. Lerato Kgamanyane’s boyfriend: It is unfortunate because she is already taken. However, the name of her boyfriend is still unknown. In case you are in denial about her relationship status, then you need to remember the recent incidence of her sending the boyfriend for shopping.

3. Lerato Kgamanyane’s blog: She founded the HellenRose blog to address matters of women who love fashion. Women from different backgrounds create all the content available on her website. Overall, the website creates content about food, travel, business, beauty, and lifestyle.

The website has been growing over time. Through the website, she keeps her followers in touch with the latest trends in fashion. Every time you visit the blog, you will find beautiful photos of women wearing different and current attires. Also, she shares information about skincare products.

If you love fashion then you need to follow her, maybe you can learn something new. For instance, you will know that being genuine is crucial if one wants to make it to the top in fashion. It is also important to point out that she emerged to be the Cosmopolitan IG Awards 2017 Finalist.

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