MTN Supersonic fibre – All the prices and packages

Supersonic fibre speed up internet! Stay in control with no contracts, no nonsense and get customisation for your speedy and constant internet connection.
This deal is the leading internet provider in South Africa and is powered by MTN mobile network providers.
Apart from using the super-fast fibre optics to transfer data, customers have a variety of affordable deals and internet packages to select something that best suits their daily needs.
What are the best ISP South Africa internet providers?

According to recent findings by MyBroadband, Supersonic fibre considered being the best isp in South Africa. Supersonic bears itself a high rating of 4.81, followed by CyberSmart, and MTN in the third place.

These reports are based on customers’ satisfaction ratings and are usually submitted through MyBroadband’s web-based and mobile app speed test platforms. Supersonic ISP has provided South Africa with a fast and reliable internet through their fibre wireless connections.

Supersonic coverage

Many would ask, is there fibre in my area South Africa? Fibre seems to be the future of the internet as its coverage is growing wider with each day. The good news is that fibre networks already cover the majority of areas in South Africa. These include Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town.

Supersonic fibre speed

The ISP firm uses MTN, South Africa’s leading network provider, to provide 4G wireless internet. The rate of the internet will depend on the package that the customer prefers. Internet with a faster speed is generally much more expensive than the internet with a slower speed. The ISP offers a variety of packages at various speeds of uncapped fibre. These include 5MBPS, 10MBPS, and 20MBPS.

How to get Supersonic WiFi installed

Once you confirm that there is fibre coverage in your area, it is easy to secure yourself fibre internet. Supersonic ISP is a reliable provider that helps you set up fibre internet in your home. They provide technical support, from installing to successfully setting up the WiFi router. Their support system is also available 24/7 for telephonic queries.

What is Supersonic Home Broadband F-LTE?

This is an MTN powered South Africa’s fastest mobile network package. It provides LTE (also known as 4G) wireless internet to subscribers. The Supersonic Home Broadband packages offer customers a wide range of choices so they can select a deal that works best for them.

Supersonic fibre deals and prices: Home Broadband deals

The company offers customized deals to enable the customer to pick a package that works best for them. These deals are flexible and can be configured to the customer’s preference to fit their lifestyle and needs.

The ISP also provides customers with an assessment tool that enables them to gauge which deal perfectly suits them. The deals include the firm’s Home Broadband packages and Smart WiFi.

The deals and prices are as follows:

  • 60GB (30 GB as anytime data and 30GB as night express) at R249 p/m.
  • 120GB (60 GB as anytime and 60 GB as night express) at R399 p/m.
  • 200GB (100GB as anytime and 100 GB as night express) at R599 p/m.
  • 300GB (150 GB as anytime and 150 GB as night express) at R799 p/m.
  • 400 GB (200 GB as anytime data and 200 GB as night express) at R999 p/m.

These packages include a free to use router, and the customer can cancel the subscription if necessary. The use of routers provided by the ISP enables a connection of up to 64 devices.

What is Supersonic Smart WiFi?

This is a super-fast, resilient, and reliable internet package connection that is easy to set up and control. The home WiFi has strong signals that help maintain a stable internet connection throughout your browsing sessions.

The WiFi can be connected to several home devices and also gives room for the password set up so you can personalize the connection. Moreover, Supersonic provides customers with a Smart WiFi app that enables the customer to control the use of the connection to the connected devices.

WiFi charges

The charges include:

R1229 once-off payment

R60 pm for 24 months

R10 monthly for 24 months

Supersonic support

The firm’s support team is dedicated to assisting their valued customers before sales and after-sales. The customer service is tailored to maintain a relationship between the customers and the service providers. The ISP contacts are often open for continued communication between customers and the service providers.

Supersonic fibre contact numbers:

Tel – 011 300 5800

WhatsApp – 083 200 4828

Email – [email protected]

Physical address

Building 15, Constantia Office Park, c/o 14th Avenue, and Hendrik Potgieter, Fairlands, Roodepoort Gauteng

Post Box

Postnet suit 422, Privatebag x 108, Centurion, 0046

The support team can also be reached via social media platforms through their handles on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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