List of MWEB fibre packages and prices

MWEB offers a variety for every person. Affordability is the key determinant of what you go for. You can choose to settle for limited data in the capped package or go for the uncapped one which allows you to use data without limits.

MWEB fibre deals are diverse and accommodating. It is almost as if everyone can find something to suit their preference with MWEB. Fibre is referred to the latest fixed line connectivity which makes use of fibre optic cables. This translates to very fast internet speeds which most people love as it means more convenience for them.

Check out Capped MWEB packages:

These packages come with free deal of connection, installation and a router; and are rated on a monthly basis.

  • 50GB fibre 10Mbps costs R599.
  • 100GB 10Mbps goes for R609.
  • 50GB 20Mbps is offered at a monthly rate of R659.
  • 200GB 10Mbps is sold at R709.
  • 100GB 20Mbps costs R709.
  • 50GB 40Mbps sells at R749.
  • 200GB 20Mbps goes for R829.
  • 100GB 40Mbps is offered at R829.
  • 50GB 100Mbps sells on a monthly rate of R829.
  • 300GB 10Mbps monthly rates are R859.
  • 200GB 40Mbps is charged at R879.
  • 300GB 20Mbps costs R979.
  • 200GB 100 Mbps will cost you R979.
  • 300GB 40Mbps cost R1039.
  • 500GB 10Mbps goes for R1119.
  • 300GB 100Mbps sells at a rate of R1189.
  • 500GB 20Mbps costs R1239.
  • 500GB 40Mbps is sold at R1289.
  • 500GB 100Mbps costs R1389.
  • 1000GB 100Mbps sells at R2039

How much is uncapped WiFi per month?

  • 10Mbps costs R659 per month.
  • 20Mbps is given at a R929 rate per month.
  • 40Mbps is priced at R1039 per month.
  • 100Mbps goes for R1339 per month.

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