Lebo Phasha and Nhlanhla Nciza’s ex-spouse reveal their love affair

Lebo Phasha has trended on Twitter from June 2019 for all the wrong or right reasons. While some people supported her, others judge her harshly.

Although she has been labelled a homewrecker, she least cares about people’s opinions. The beauty is living her life the best way.

In June 2020, the pair posted matching photographs on their Instagram accounts with messages that raised eyebrows.

TK Nciza who doesn’t care how people will judge him anymore, wrote “that’s what’s up. I don’t care how you feel. I am happy.”

Lebo Phasha baby daddy, a soccer player, parted ways. She has moved on with TK Nciza, and gossips have it that they have been dating since 2015.

In June 2019, Nhlanhla Nciza Instagram almost sent the entire Mzansi into depression when she shared news about the 15-year marriage’s end.

The Mafikizolo singer refrained from explaining what compelled her to arrive at that decision, but she requested for privacy for the sake of her children.

Some Twitter users alleged that TK Nciza was solely responsible for the failed marriage because of his unfaithfulness.

After Twitter users claimed that TK Nciza cheated on Nhlanhla with Lebo Phasha, she deactivated her Instagram account.

Lebo, on the other hand, wrote: “love is supposed to be like this. I want it and l am living it with my man.”

Lebo Phasha is happy with her decision. Love is complicated, and people often go against societal norms and values for love, while others hurt deeply even after doing everything the right way.

Destiny has a mysterious way of making things fall into place. Someday, the three of them will find peace, happiness, and the love that they deserve.

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