Krugersdorp Killers: Shocking details of the trial so far

Carte Blanche has already revealed some of the most horrific details of one of the most grotesque murder sprees in South Africa.

Members Steyn family and accomplices, dubbed the Krugersdorp Killers, are accused of murdering 11 people.

Some of the murderers have already been sentenced after singing plea deals, but there are a lot of moving parts to this story.

Le Roux Steyn, 22, was sentenced after entering into a plea agreement with the State. Marinda Steyn, also pleaded guilty.

But, Cecilia Steyn (not related to the Steyn family), 37, Zak Valentine, 33, and Marcel Steyn, 20, all pleaded not guilty to 32 counts, including murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, fraud and intimidation.

Krugersdorp killers victims and arrest

It all started to unravel 2012 when police were called to a grisly murder scene. Natacha Burger‚ 33‚ and her neighbour Joyce Boonzaaier‚ 68‚  were found in a pool of blood. A month later,  another man, Reginald Bendixen‚ 75, was hacked to death. Mikeila Valentine‚ 25, was also murdered soon after.

The murders did not stop. In May 2016, police had their sights on the suspects.

Le Roux and Marcel Steyn were arrested in connection with the killings in June 2016, following the acquittal of two other suspects. Zak Valentine was apprehended and charged with faking his own death in July 2016. Cecilia and Marinda Steyn were arrested for fraud in connection with Zak’s “death”.

Arrests followed and the trial has begun. But the details are grim, confusing and quite a lot to take in.

Some bizarre facts from the Krugersdorp killers trial

Note: The trial is still ongoing, and there has been a lot of he said, she said testimony. For now, these are some of the most bizarre and grim details that have emerged in court.

  • The court heard in October that one of the alleged murders, Cecilia Steyn, was a witch. Not just any witch, a 42nd generation witch. One witness, Le Roux Steyn, said in court:

We had to pray for her and protect her from the satanic church.

  • According to Le Roux, most of the victims were strangled to death, as reported by TimesLive.
  • The murders were, allegedly, motivated by money. Well-off people were lured by Marinda under false pretences – apparently that she needed help with tax. The victims would then be assaulted and forced to transfer money. Others have claimed that some of the murders could result in benefits from life insurance policies.
  • But others claim that it was fueled by hate. Two of the victims were reportedly working with “reformed” Satanists (through the Overcomers Through Christ group). Cecilia allegedly had a fall out with one of the pastors from this ministry.
  • Cecilia Steyn was accused of leading a cult and allegedly had a vast collection of knives. A friend told the court:

“She had a passion for knives. I gave her knives for her birthday.”

  • Other witnesses testified how Cecilia would do “demon cleansing”.
  • The Overcomers Through Christ church also features prominently. This ministry apparently offered courses on knowing your enemy and savour. A witness told the court that she received threatening text messages from an unknown person after a member of the ministry was murdered.

“The messages said: ‘Who’s next. Is it you?’”

  • Marinda was a teacher at Hoërskool Jan de Klerk. She had ammunition stashed in her classroom. One colleague described her as follows:

 “That weird teacher who always kept to herself. She used to stay in her classroom during breaks and often kept the doors closed.”

  • And she kept up the creep factor at her sentencing appearance. Judge Lamont asked she understood the consequences of her actions. Krugersdorp News reported her response was:

“One has choices and you need to bear the consequences.”

  • And then she mocked reporters, saying:

“What will you do if I stick out my tongue?”

  • Marcel Steyn, the youngest of the accused at 19, was just 14 years old when the killings began. The evidence that she was involved in the murders is inconclusive, but it’s believed she watched. Marcel is bright, having matriculated from Hoërskool Monument with six distinctions.
  • Investigating officer Ben Booysen said the accused all have the tattoo Electus per Deus (Chosen by God), he was quoted by TimesLive as saying:

“They don’t speak about God‚ they talk about ‘our’ god‚ but at this stage I don’t know who their god is‚” said Booysen.

  • Le Roux revealed in court that the ministry (Chosen by God) existed to “save ex Satanist kids” and that there were threats if anyone dared speak. He was quoted by local media as saying:

“I never told my father anything about the ministry. We were told if you talk you will be killed. We were told spirits follow us and if we talk the spirits will tell Cecilia.”

  • But another witness countered that this ministry never existed, and that the group was all just a get together for friends. Le Roux called this a “lie” and said the tattoos are proof.
  • Chilling text messages from the victims. The photo below shows a message sent by Natacha Burger to a friend in July 2012.  Burger and her neighbour Joy Boonzaaier were murdered.

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