Intriguing facts you should know about Thomas Mlambo

Thomas Mlambo is a veteran South African radio and television sportscaster who has gained much attention based on what he does best.

At the early stage of his life, he started as a budding footballer for that matter, but due to a knee injury, his career was unfortunately cut short. Despite this predicament, he is still actively involved in the sports world.

More so, when he was in his third year in the higher institution, he quit his studies in law to pursue a career in media.

Thomas Mlambo is impressive, intelligent, and fun to be with. The passion with which he delivers his assignments while on air is contagious.

While working for SuperSport, he became the main anchor for all the football properties of SuperSport and also hosted different magazine shows.

The platform granted him the opportunity of covering the World Cup of 2006 in Germany. Somehow, the right to host the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup has his contribution as well.

After his contract with SuperSport expired,  he had to move to SABC Sports, where he started hosting Soccerzone.

Thomas started hosting Sport @ 10, and it explored different areas on the show including a variety of sports and interviews with celebrities. Then, he hosted the daily sports show, The Ultimate Sport Show, for Metro FM.

Based on the information available on and, Thomas Mlambo is acclaimed to have been born on the 21st of May.

Thomas Mlambo’s video went viral and became the topic of discussion on social media when he was found covering his private part with one of his hands while on air because of erection.

Even though some saw it as a bad thing, some lady fans expressed their bundle of joy because it gave them a clue that the man that they admire so much is strong.

Thomas Mlambo was given birth to by working parents. After he sustained knee injury and stopped playing football, his parents challenged him to go out and search for something to do instead of sleeping at home.

Besides, Thomas owes his schooling to his mother’s employers. He was informally adopted and trained in the same school where Leanne Manas, SABC’s Morning Live presenter, and Darren Scott also schooled.

A few years ago, a rumour went viral that the sports presenter has found love. According to the report, the two lovebirds, Thomas Mlambo and his girlfriend Priscilla, are both in the sports industry.

There is no doubt in the fact that Thomas Mlambo is one of the heavily-paid sportscasters in the country.

Considering his experience in the industry, even though his current net worth is not available to the public, it is certain that he is comfortable and enjoys his job passionately.

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