Intriguing facts you probably don’t know about Mapula Mafole

Mapula Mafole (born 18 July 1990), is a South African actress best known for her role as Mapula on’s Rhythm City. She has also appeared in shows like Generation: The Legacy, Intersexions, Soul City, and Z’bondiwe.

The latter was born in South Africa’s North West province. She holds an AFDA degree and graduated in 2013.

Both her parents are alive, and her mother is a certified nurse. She has two brothers whose names are Thabiso Mafole and Kabelo Mafole. She also has an older sister named Tebogo Mafole.

Initially, the family of six lived in Klerksdorp. They all relocated to Tshwane when the actress was ten years old.

However, both her parents, Moses and Monica, left her and her siblings shortly after they moved to Tshwane. They flew to the United Kingdom for work-related purposes. She is the youngest among her siblings.

When the parents left, she was left under the care of Tebogo, who is married to DJ Christos. Tebogo and her family resided in Pretoria. Her older sister took care of the actress until she left for university.

Mapula admits that the absence of her parents when she was growing up deeply affected her. After her parents left, she struggled with the change in schools. She also found it rough to live the city life and would often feel isolated and lonely.

She bottled up all her feelings and thoughts, which ultimately led to depression and struggles with anxiety. When she was 13 years old, she realised that she needed help. She went to the school psychologist for assistance.

The psychologist offered her therapy sessions, and by the time she was graduating from high school, she was confident that she wanted to pursue a career in acting.

After enrolling at AFDA for an acting course, her father decided to relocate to South Africa because he wanted to develop a close relationship with his children.

Unfortunately, she suffered a stroke. The fear of losing Moses made the actress slip back into depression. She would often skip classes and started failing in her exams. She decided to seek help from a psychologist again. She was able to recollect her life.

In 2018, the actress was nominated for the award of Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela in the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) for her role in Rhythm City.

Mapula loves music. She owns a bass guitar that she considers to be her best purchase yet. Her love for music developed when she was living with her older sister and her husband, who is a DJ. She hopes to become a DJ too in the future.

The actress’ love for cars is indisputable. She is yet to disclose the car models that she owns. She has, however, admitted that her babyface has in the past got her pulled over when driving. The cops tended to assume that she is underage.

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