Interesting facts you should know about Dineo Moeketsi

Dineo Moeketsi (born 20 July 1989) is a South African actress, singer, dancer, and television presenter. As a TV presenter, she hosted the Channel O music magazine show O-Access from 2011-2012.

The Cape Town-based actress and media personality is the daughter to KG Moeketsi, one of the icons in the entertainment industry. KG stood against all odds during her time to work in a commercial radio station as a presenter in a breakfast show.

She has been in the industry for decades and set the mark for most people in the field. She has also groomed her daughter to venture in the same field.

Dino attended National School of the Arts (NSA) which is situated in Braamfontein in Johannesburg. Going through this institution had great influence in her career as an actress. She also went to The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music which is situated in Lower Manhattan in New York. She matriculated from the institution in 2009.

Growing up under the care of a lady who was into the entertainment industry had a great impact in making her develop a passion for the art. As a result, she ended up in nearly the same industry.

Between 2011 and 2012, the latter landed her career as the host for O-Access, a music magazine show that used to be aired by Channel O. She won this post after taking part in the talent-search competition that was held nationwide. She took over the position from Nonhle Themba.

Besides working as a host for one year, the latter also ventured in several TV shows where she pulled different roles.

When she got into the industry, the latter used to be bullied because of her body. These comments took a toll her and at one point, she almost felt like quitting. She, however, held on because she was pursuing what she loved.

That prompted her to embark on her weight loss journey because she was not comfortable with the comments that were being made about Dineo Moeketsi body. When she started hitting the gym, she would share pictures of herself working out.

The energy and zeal in the pictures spoke volumes about her determination to gain the body shape that she wanted.

Dineo Moeketsi husband name is Solo Langa, who is a rapper. The two had dated for more than five years. They had their white wedding on 14th September, close to four months after their private traditional wedding which came in May.

The latter is one lady who has proven to be resilient and is winning in all aspects of her life. She is the perfect example of ‘anything is possible.’ Her wedding pictures depict a strong lady who has braved the storm and is reaping the fruits of her hard work.

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