How to use a Brick Calculator

Brick calculator is used to estimate how many bricks you would need to construct a wall of certain dimensions. The calculator supports half-brick and single-brick thick walls, as well as mortar margin specification. It will also output the amount of mortar needed for the brick-laying in cubic feet or cubic meters.

First, you need to measure the length and height of the wall. Second, identify the same on your brickwork. Overall, according to a building cost calculator, there should be 50 bricks per square meter.

  1. Types of walls and how to calculate the number of walls/blocks required to erect them:

Half-brick hick walls

They are also known as single-layered walls. Often, this type of walls is used for fencing, for example, a garden. An experienced expert will always advise one against using them to build a residential building. Overall, such walls require 60 bricks per square metre.

Half-brick thick wall = 60 bricks per square metre

Brick piers/pillars

(These factors are based on standard UK bricks, which measures 215 x 102.5 x 65 mm.)

Single pier = 14 blocks per vertical metre

One and a half pier = 34 blocks per vertical metre In some instances, some people use them for aesthetic purposes.

One-brick thick walls

They consist of two different layers, so they are popularly known as two-layer walls. So, how many of them are required for a one-brick thick wall?

One-brick thick wall = 120 bricks per square metre

2. Calculate the surface area of the planned structure

Overall, there are two vital measurements for calculating the surface area: length and height. The same applies here. There is no need to use a bricks calculator here. For example, if your structure is 8 meters long and 2 meters high, then the surface area should be: (8 x 2) = 16 m²

3. Now calculate the number of bricks/blocks you need You can either use a building calculator or calculate the number manually using the following formula. However, you should keep in mind the number of bricks used for piers. Further, Half-brick thick wall = Surface area x 60

Remember, the number of bricks = the volume of the brickwork divided by the volume of 1 brick.

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