How to transfer airtime on MTN

MTN is one of the dominating telecommunications company is South Africa. One out of every five South African is a customer of the mobile network.

If you have family or friends who use MTN with you, you can now share your airtime with them and vice versa.

According to, any MTN Contract, Anytime TopUp, Off-Peak TopUp or PayAsYouGo customer can transfer airtime MTN to MTN without paying an activation or subscription fee. This can be done through the free Me2u service provided by the network.

How to send airtime from MTN to MTN

You can now transfer airtime from MTN to MTN using the MTN airtime transfer code. Simply dial 136*3# and follow the instructions. As an alternative, you can also dial *136*6328.

There is another way to transfer airtime; you can dial 141 from your MTN phone. After this, wait, listen and then follow the instructions.

PayAsYouGo customer can also send airtime on MTN, starting from an amount of R2. The amount of the transfer will be deducted from the customer’s MTN PayAsYouGo airtime account.

Similarly, MTN hybrid customers (Anytime TopUp and Off-Peak TopUp) can also share airtime on MTN easily.

However, they can only transfer airtime that is already preloaded in their hybrid accounts.

MTN Me2U service is also available for MTN Contract customers, with limit options ranging from R25 a month to R1,000 a month.

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