How to make Burfee in simple steps

Burfee is a sweet indian dessert dish that is served at most Indian celebrations. It can either be called Borfee or barfi. You can try your hand at a number of burfee cake recipies including one with condensed milk, klim milk powder, fresh cream and other ingredients. How your burfee turns out is dependent on what method you use. You can learn how to make amazing burfee meals from Asha Maharaj, she is an Indian chef who is highly respected and is good at what she does. .
Making burfee with Klim and condensed milk
Burfee recipe with condensed milk and Klim milk powder yields the best results. Klim is a trusted brand from Nestle. It is widely used because it is more nutritious than regular milk with 23 added minerals and vitamins. The following are the easy steps on how to make burfee. This recipe has all the ingredients that will make your barfi smooth and nutritious.
Klim milk powder (5 cups)
Nestle cream (1 cup)
Melted ghee (½ cup)
Sugar (1 cup)
Water (½ cup)
Ground almonds (½ cup)
Thick ghee (½ cup)
Desiccated coconut (2 cups)
Cardamom powder (½ teaspoon)
Condensed milk (397g)
Colored silver almonds (for decoration)
Cooking instructions
Follow these simple steps to make the best barfi.
1. Put ½ cup nestle cream, melted ghee, and Klim milk powder in a bowl. Ensure the contents are appropriately combined by rubbing them and then set the mixture aside.
2. In a saucepan, mix the water and sugar until they dissolve and then boil the solution for 10 minutes.
3. In the solution, add thick ghee, desiccated coconut, ½ cup nestle cream, the Klim mixture, cardamom, and ground almonds.
4. Over low heat, cook the mixture while stirring until it appears dry.
5. Over low heat, pour the condensed milk in the mixture and continue to stir until the mixture is thick. This step should take about 30 minutes.
6. Place the thickened mixture in a deep tray and then decorate with the almonds.
7. Let the mixture cool for about six hours. Cut into triangles, squares, or roll into small balls.
8. Serve according to your preference.
Burfee recipe with fresh cream
Fresh cream makes your burfee delicious and nutritious at the same time.
You need the following ingredients to make the perfect barfi cake for your family and friends. You will make a barfi that can approximately serve 15 people.
Klim milk powder (500g)
Nestle cream (8 ounces)
Fresh milk (1 cup)
Butter (125g)
Icing sugar (375 g)
Fresh cream (2 cups)
Cardamom powder (1 teaspoon)
Sugar (1 cup)
Ground almonds (1 cup)
Cooking instructions.
1. Blend nestle cream and Klim milk powder in a food processor until the mixture looks like fine bread crumbs.
2. Sieve the cardamom and icing sugar and then add the nestle cream mixture.
3. Mix the fresh milk and sugar to form a thick syrup.
4. In the milk syrup, add fresh cream, and then boil gently until it becomes thick. Then, add the butter and ground almonds. Ensure that the ingredients are well mixed.
5. Add the nestle cream mixture in the milk syrup and then set it aside for the night.
6. Decorate with slivered almonds and then cut into desired shapes to serve.
The burfee recipe you choose depends on the ingredients you have and your preferences. Barfi is also a nutritious dessert because it is full of dairy products that are rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

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