How to load Vodacom airtime

To always stay connected to our family and friends, it is essential to have lengthy amount of airtime on our mobile phones, but most times we still run out of airtime during emergency cases.

Recharging your Vodacom prepaid SIM can be done through various means, from buying airtime online using your debit/credit card, be it for prepaid or top-up subscriptions.

All the way down to the good old scratch to reveal airtime vouchers, not forgetting other recharge sites available online.

Are you out of Vodacom airtime? Then you are in the right place, in today’s Vodacom guide, we shall give you the right procedure to load airtime on Vodacom in simple steps.

Buy airtime online with a debit card

The supported bank cards are credit cards, ABSA, Standard Bank, Capitec, Bidvest, Postbank, VBS Mutual Bank, Nedbank, and the First National Bank debit.

This service is available for Vodacom Pre-paid airtime and Top-up customers. The first time using the VER service will require you to enter your bank details in order to link your bank account to the service. For every product purchased via the service, your ATM pin will be required.

VER services are available via text/USSD or via My Vodacom App which is available on the Google Store, Apple Play Store, and the Vodacom App Store. The app also offers options to buy airtime, data bundles, and SMS bundles for family and friends using the VER service.

First time using VER

To make use of VER dial *111*02# or *135*02# or log in to My Vodacom App. Enter the details on your card when prompted. Afterwards, you will be required to authenticate yourself using 3D Secure, which involves sending the customer an OTP (One Time Personal Identification Number or PIN) or a Password via SMS to his cell mobile or via Email. You, the customer, will be required to enter the OTP or the Password sent in order to successfully complete the verification process.

VER via USSD or via My Vodacom App

  • Dial *135*02# or log in to My Vodacom App.
  • Select the recipient whom you are buying the airtime for.
  • Select the wanted/desired product from the given options.
  • Follow the bank payment options that follow until the very end.

The airtime should be delivered immediately to you or to the intended recipient and the airtime recharge delivery will be reported as successful.

Dialling the code to access the VER Services is completely free. Vodacom has no extra charges for the use of this service. However, you may have to incur data and bank charges for the use of your debit/credit card.

Vodacom airtime prices purchase limits with VER

There are various ways to Vodacom buy airtime, and the limits for buying airtime in advance include:

When using USSD


  • A minimum of R 5 airtime recharge
  • A maximum of R 500 per transaction
  • A maximum of R 1,000 per day


  • A maximum of R 2,000 per day
  • A maximum of R 5,000 per month

Using My Vodacom App

The Master Pass* Limits are:


  • A minimum of R 12 for airtime recharge
  • A maximum of R 500 per transaction
  • A maximum of R 3,000 per month


  • A maximum of R 1,500 per day
  • A minimum of R 3,000 per month

Master Pass* is a digital wallet service offered by Vodacom that is available through My Vodacom App. Master Pass is effective and efficient as it stores all of your payments and other financial service needs in one convenient and secure place.

How to load Vodacom airtime

To load Vodacom airtime using a pre-paid voucher, buy an airtime voucher worth the desired amount. Dial 136 and call. Follow the voice prompts and successfully recharge your airtime.

Vodacom airtime transfer

This service is available to all valid Vodacom Pre-paid or Top-up customers as senders and/or recipients of the data and/or airtime.

To transfer airtime, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My Vodacom App or dial *135# or call 082 12000.
  2. Click on Buy/Transfer Bundles and Airtime.
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the next page. Select or key in the mobile number you want to transfer the airtime to and then click the Continue button.
  4. If you would like the airtime being transferred to be deducted from the airtime on your account, select “Use Airtime”.
  5. If you would like to buy the airtime using your bank and/or credit/debit card, select Pay with Bank Card.
  6. Read through the terms and conditions, accept and click Buy My Airtime.
  7. Afterwards, you will receive an OTP via SMS which you will be required to key in to proceed. Afterwards, click Finish.

Vodacom customer care

To speak with a Vodacom customer care representative via call, dial 135, while accessing via USSD is *135# .

Voicemail services:

  • Voicemail (to listen); the voicemail access code is 132.
  • Voicemail (to leave); to leave your recipient a voice mail, the previous code was retained and another code added for easier access. The command codes are as follows: 08214 (plus the last nine digits of the recipient’s phone number) or 134.

To enquire further information on your accounts, dial 137.

Buy airtime online Vodacom via World Remit

World Remit is an online money transfer service. Its main aim is to provide international remittance services to expatriates and migrant workers.

To top-up your airtime via World Remit online, you have to navigate to the website, afterwards, you will be prompted to select a country. Select one from the drop-down menu provided. The next prompt will be to select a service to be carried out. Select ‘Transfer airtime’ you will then be required to key in the recipient’s phone number and the amount you intend to buy.

Buying airtime via 

This is an online mobile recharge service that safely and securely sends call credit directly to your phone.

To load Vodacom airtime, go to their website at recharge. Select a product to buy once prompted fill in the information required from you. This information includes your valid and functional email address and/or the recipient’s mobile telephone number. You are required to pay for the selected service. Once the payment is complete, your ordered top-up will be sent directly to the mobile number keyed in and/or the recharge voucher number will be sent by email to the address keyed in.


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