How to know if your South African electrician is registered


If you care to know if your South African electrician is registered, it is quite an easy step to follow.

The process is easily accessible through online platforms and while ensuring your quality service from the electrical companies.

The process of checking if your electrician is registered

You must have met electricians who have not undergone the necessary registration. It is advisable to log into the Electrical Conformance Board of SA (ECBSA) website. They play a major role in registering electricians and making sure they are the best to be called upon.

From the website, you will have an option to search for an electrician by the area, ECB number, company name, electrician’s name, or the DoL number. Whichever option you make, the website automatically brings the right person for you. Using this method, you can also know the details of the person working for you.

ECBSA Certified electrical companies

Registered companies are also present on the website. For as long as the name you are looking for is not there, you should consider that invalid. You will definitely have access to a list of electrical companies in South Africa that offer high-quality services.

What is needed to be a qualified electrician?

The Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa usually offers intensive training to potential electricians and electric firms. For this reason, you will learn that hiring or verifying the licensure of your potential candidate could be helpful. It gives you access to some of the most qualified personnel. Besides, you will have the convenience of getting various experts under one roof.

How does one become a Registered Electrician? 

The benefit of it all is that you can also become a registered electrician.

By getting prepared to be registered, you have to pass the NTC 3 exams which are to offer electrical services to residents. Successfully passing the exam results to the electrician been professionally known as a Qualified Electrician.

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